How to Make Money during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has stalled and hampered our lives. People have lost their jobs and livelihoods. Many people are dying and many more are still getting infected with the virus. The world can come to an end but people still have to work, people have to eat and pay bills. So what can you do to make some money with all the chaos going on?

Apart from rendering people jobless, the pandemic has crippled Ghana’s economy. Import and export trade has slowed down. People are depressed, people are procrastinating. Do not let the pandemic affect your business, below are a few things you can do to make money and keep you on your feet for the time being.

Go to work as usual

Many people still have jobs. They are allowed to come to work but will work under strict protocols. Do not sit at home if you still have a job. Go to work, adhere to the precautionary measures put in place. Wear your face mask, distance yourself, wash your hands regularly and respect your shifts.


If you still have your job, but you have been asked to work remotely, do so. Join Zoom calls for work and get paid.

Put your business online

Set up an online platform for your business. If it is food you sell, clothes, or other accessories, do it strictly online and have items delivered to your customers. This gives birth to another work you can do during the pandemic, you can become a delivery guy.

Make money from the comfort of your home, just put out your craft or items for sale on social media platforms. With enough social media presence, you can make a lot of money without exposing yourself to infection

Become a freelance writer

Make money from your home by working as a “small journalist”. Write for websites and get paid, or create your blog and write on recent happenings, people will read and you will get paid for it. There are even websites that pay you for proofreading articles.

You can earn money with your laptop and knowledge, it’s very easy. If creating your blog will be difficult for you, join legit sites like Upwork and Fiverr and start making money today. You can make up to $5 per article, that is GHS 30, sounds good, doesn’t it? Sign up now and get your first gig

Become a YouTuber

Make very informative and interesting videos and upload them on YouTube and get paid. The number of people who will watch your videos will determine how much you make. We are in dark times, people are depressed, people are anxious, others need answers. Take that opportunity to make someone laugh, or be inspired.

Many people were doing this long before the pandemic and they are making millions. You can do it too. Are you creative? Are you an interesting person? Then this is your cue. Create a YouTube account, have people share it, and upload interesting and entertaining content

Sell stuff you don’t need

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Start selling stuff you do not need or things you bought but never used. Mobile phones, laptops, speakers, even books. Sell anything you don’t use anymore. That is why there are apps like tonaton and Jiji to help you put your items out there for people to see and patronize.

There are always people looking to buy these kinds of things at low prices, take the opportunity to make some good money.

Share your skill

People are bored, sitting home and watching television all day and sulking. If you have a skill, teach someone at a fee. If you know how to braid hair, make clothes, crochet, painting or anything of that sort, teach and get paid. Many people are aiming to get out of quarantine with a new skill.

You can put out an advertisement, that one student at a time. You can charge them hourly or at the end of a week or month, it’s your choice. With a skill that you can teach online via zoom or Skype, you can recruit many students but if it is someone that requires face to fave tuition and practicals, one student at a time is enough, don’t forget we are still in a pandemic.


Other things you can do to make money during the pandemic are taking surveys that pay you for your opinion, taking babysitting jobs, and getting paid for watching videos. But these methods are not very common in our traditional Ghanaian setting. Most Ghanaian parents do not like babysitting services. Even if you get paid for taking surveys on the internet, cashing out can be very difficult.

Do not sit home idle, even if you do not have mouths to feed, you have to feed yourself. Make use of any of the business opportunities suggested above, and start making some pocket money while we wait for our lives to return to normalcy.

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