How To Make GHS 100+ Per Day With Jumia Ghana

Jumia Ghana is one of the most popular online stores currently in Ghana. A lot of people know of the quality goods being sold on this website but what they don’t know is the fact that you can make some cool cash with this website.

There are two simple ways you can make money online with Jumia Ghana

  1. You can sell your high-quality genuine products on Jumia quick for money.
  2. You can become Jumia Affiliate.

In this article, I will talk about how to make money on Jumia becoming an affiliate. I will write about how to sell on Jumia in a future article.

Jumia Affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs in Ghana right now. The program pays you up to 11% in commission per sale.

Depending on which item you are promoting, you will get up to 11% of the sales price in commission if someone purchases the promoted product through your link.

How To start making money with Jumia Affiliate

1 . Visit Jumia affiliate signup page

2. Fill the form with your valid details, solve the captcha and submit. (You can skip the website field if you don’t own a website)

3. Go into your inbox and confirm your email to complete the sign-up.

4. Click on “Set your password here” link

5. Fill in your password and submit

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6. If you are redirected to the sign in page, sign in using your email address and password you created.

7. On the Jumia affiliate dashboard, navigate to tools > Link builder, Click on offer dropdown and select your country.

8. Open a new tab and visit Jumia’s product website.

9. Search for a product that you think or know will sell well and click until you are on the product page. Copy the URL of the page as indicated in the screenshot below.

My selected product is a nice NASCO Fridge

10. Navigate back to the affiliate dashboard page and paste your copied link into the Page URL field.

11. Your Jumia Affiliate link has been generated as shown in the screenshot above. Copy this link and start sending traffic through it to start making money.


The only obstacle against your success is laziness. If after reading this you don’t take any action, you will definitely not make any money with it. Getting up to 11% cut of a sale price just recommending a product to someone is a perfect business.

You just have to look out there, get people who need something and then send them through your affiliate link to make money.

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