How to Get a Sugar Daddy in Ghana  

You are here because you desperately need a sugar daddy, or you want to know about sugar dating and, perhaps, weigh your options later. We are here no help you. No judgment!

What is Sugar Dating?

Before we start on how to help you get a sugar daddy, you must know what sugar dating is and what it means to means to get into a relationship like this.

This relationship or dating practice takes place between an older and wealthier person, in this case, a wealthy man and a younger person in need of financial assistance. This relationship requires mutual benefits, meaning the rich man gives you, and you give him something back, yes! You know what.


But, depending on the man you get, it can strictly be a “talking and hanging out relationship” that pays. Good luck on finding that kind of man, though.

Sugar daddies are wealthy men ready to spend lavishly on you if your sense of moral judgment does not get in the way. In Ghana, sugar babies (which you will be called a are making more than GHS 1,500 a week. Yes, you are on your way to building a five-bedroom apartment in your hometown.

Where to find a Sugar Daddy in Ghana

Ghanaians take culture and morals seriously. They can be very judgmental. It can be challenging to find a sugar daddy, especially for someone new to the game but fret not. Thanks to technology and modernization, you won’t have to dress up, look pretty, and sit at a restaurant, waiting to eye a wealthy man.

The WhatsApp groups and dating sites are numerous nowadays. You can choose to join any of them, but there are risks involved.

You can meet someone online with ulterior motives and wrong intentions. Men involved in occult, lodge, and other concealed supernatural associations are numerous, so getting sugar daddies through someone you know is advisable, or better still, coincidentally meeting one in person.

You can meet on through many of these influencers and celebrities in Ghana. But if you still prefer the new way, you can find WhatsApp links on google,, which also allows you to meet up with wealthy older men.

Other international portals include Some of these sites allow you to join either a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

International websites will allow you to meet men from other countries and provides the opportunity for you to be open to new cultures, make new acquaintances, and, of course, make more money.

How to Attract a Sugar Daddy in Ghana

One question usually on many individuals’ lips is why old men like young ladies. When people start to grow old, the feel the need to be around young people, learn and feel young again.

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They want to feel sound and new vibrations from these young women. The first way to attract a sugar daddy is to make them feel young, don’t be scared of them. When you are with them, talk and act as if they are young, your boyfriend. Compliment their looks.

As much as older adults love young blood, not all love them love naïve women. Many of these men love mature women and knowledgeable women and can pick up fast on conversations.

The generation gap is problematic when it comes to relationships. There is a difference in music taste, food, general knowledge, and the likes. Hence, making up conversation can be difficult, and maturity and intelligence come to play. Some older men love a young woman with depth.

Be a young woman with a sex appeal. Every man loves that, and your sex appeal can come from how you dress, carry yourself, and even talk. Be sophisticated.

Although some men love naivety, others don’t. Some older adults want women who know what they are about and learn to appreciate. Be thankful and do not make it look like you are only after his money.

Advantages and Risks

If you had carefully read this article, you must have come across many risks and advantages. You will make money – lots of money. You will make new acquaintances, wealthy and influential. It is also a wholly unique experience, and the risks are just as numerous.

Apart from the fact that these men may be involved in supernatural activities and associations, seeking to use young women for rituals and the likes, many of them are married, and there is a saying in the holy books that you should do unto others what you want to be done to you! No judgments.


Believe it or not, many older men in Ghana are looking for beautiful, young, and experienced women like you. You will find them. But while you are at it, be careful.

And remember, not to call them at night, some are married!

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