How to Find Shop Attendant Job in Ghana

A shop attendant is an employee in a retail outlet involved in conducting financial transactions, taking stock of goods, greeting customers, and cleaning, among other things.

You have probably thought about getting a job as a shop attendant anywhere in Ghana, but you need to know where to look because we all know how difficult it is to get a job in Ghana nowadays.

Below are ways you can find a job as a shop attendant in Ghana I’m recent times;

Jobberman Ghana


Jobberman is a website/application where you can find all jobs you want in all fields, including construction, IT, banking, finance and insurance, retail shop attendance, and even remote jobs you can do from home.

Jobberman helps job seekers find the same jobs they have been looking for. Visit their website or download the Jobberman application on the Google play store or Apple store to download the app.

Vacancies. ghana on Instagram

Job vacancies Ghana is an account on instagram that posts job vacancies in Ghana every single day. They post different jobs, and you are sure to find a shop attendant vacancy there somewhere. All you need to do is follow them on instagram and turn on your post notification to get an alert anytime they have a new post.

Yellow Pages Ghana

Yellow pages is a leading directory of business in Ghana and the diaspora. It provides a platform for job seekers and business owners to look for jobs and post vacancies. You can find different job listings here—even vacancies for shop attendants.


You can also get a shop attendant job if someone refers you when they see a vacancy somewhere.

That’s basically how everything works in Ghana now, referrals and networking. You need to know someone that knows someone who can help you.

Apart from that, you can also search by visiting retail shops and looking out for or asking if there is a vacancy. Even though it seems like a stretch, it works.

What you Need to Become a Shop Attendant in Ghana

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Being a shop attendant in Ghana, or anywhere else, is not difficult at all. Junior High School graduates can become shop attendants once they’re fluent in English and have impeccable customer service.

Customer service skills are essential since the job is centered on them. Other duties, as stated above, are taking stock, conducting financial transactions, and cleaning.

The Salary to Expect

In 2022, the average salary of a shop attendant in a small retail store is between GHS 250 and GHS 400. However, larger supermarkets can pay bonuses between GHS 500 and GHS 800.


Whenever you visit a retail store or supermarket, ask around if there is a vacancy and apply for the job. Your duties may be less hefty if there are other employees to help you around the shop.

If you know of any shop attendant vacancy anywhere in Accra, tell us in the comments.

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