How to fill teacher training forms

Teacher training forms can be intimidating and time consuming to complete. If you’ve ever been asked to fill out a form for teacher training, you know how daunting it can be. Filling out teacher training forms correctly is essential for ensuring that you are adequately prepared for the training and that you are properly evaluated for your performance.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips on how to fill out teacher training forms properly and efficiently.

Before you start filling out any forms, it is important to make sure that you understand exactly what information you need to provide. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and be sure to include all of the required information.

How to buy the Teacher Training Forms?

  1. Visit any Consolidated Bank Ghana branch and request for teacher training forms. You will be made to deposit an amount of GHS 200 into Colleges of Education’s account. You will be given a receipt which contains a PIN and SERIAL NUMBER. The PIN and SERIAL NUMBER will be used when applying online.
  2. You can also dial *924*8# on all networks to purchase a voucher via mobile money. After making your purchase, you will receive a SMS which consist of PIN and SERIAL NUMBER.

Normal application

Regular registration is for applicants who have received their WASSCE/SSCE results and can tell the exact grades they got.

Awaiting results application

Awaiting results are for applicants who are still waiting for their WASSCE results but are hopeful to get good grades to continue their application as soon as the results are out.

Requirements needed to apply for teacher training college in Ghana

You must possess any of the requirements below to apply for teacher training college in Ghana.

WASSCE Holders

CREDIT (A1-C6) in Six (6) subjects comprising Three (3) Core subjects, including English Language and Core Mathematics, and Three (3) Elective subjects relevant to the course of study.

SSSCE Holders

CREDIT (A-D) in Six (6) subjects comprising Three (3) Core subjects, including English Language and Core Mathematics, and Three (3) Elective subjects relevant to the course
of study.

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Holders of TVET Qualifications

CREDIT in Three Core Subjects including English and Mathematics and PASSES in Three Elective Subjects relevant to the course of study.


Candidates awaiting the MAY/JUNE, 2022
WASSCE and NABPTEX RESULTS can also apply.

How to fill teacher training forms

After getting your PIN and SERIAL NUMBER from the purchased voucher,

  1. Open a browser on your laptop, PC or phone
  2. Visit
  3. Input PIN and SERIAL NUMBER
  4. Click on “Apply Now”
  5. Select registration type (Normal or Awaiting Results)
  6. Start filling out the form by providing all the details required of you.
  7. Attach a passport picture. An applicant’s passport picture should be in JPG or JPEG format and must not exceed 40KB in size.
  8. Click ‘Preview’ button
  9. Click ‘Edit’ button to modify your application.
  10. Click ‘Submit and Print Confirmation’ to complete your online application.
  11. After clicking on ‘Submit and Print Confirmation’, click ‘Print Form’ button to print Confirmation Page.
  12. Keep your printed Confirmation Page safe. You will require your Application Form Number shown on the page to check your admission status and to also print your admission letter.
  13. Click on the ‘Close’ to go back to the login page.

NB: You will receive a notification message on your mobile phone indicating a successful application. Along the way you will be contacted and scheduled for an interview. After a successful interview, you wait for the admission offer letter and report to the school.

Which course is best in teaching?

Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) is a postgraduate course that is necessary for becoming a teacher at the secondary or higher secondary level. B. Ed course can also be pursued after completion of the postgraduate course.

How long is teacher training in Ghana?

Once student-teachers have completed their 4-year Bachelor of Education degree, they will then spend one year teaching in the basic schools (pre-tertiary level), after which they will receive their license to practice and achieve qualified teacher status.


Filling out teacher training forms is a relatively straightforward process, and one that can be completed with minimal effort. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully, double-check your work, and follow up with the institution or organization as needed. With the right information and preparation, you can make the process of filling out teacher training forms much easier.

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