How to eat goron tula

Goron Tula is a multipurpose edible fruit popular in West African countries because of its many benefits. It is made up of a sweet and chewy nut, hence the fruit’s nickname, “African Chewing Gum”. The fruit is also known as tree hibiscus, Azanza Garckeana, and snot apple.

There are different ways you can eat goron tula fruit. However, people get confused when they find a dry one among the ones they ordered. Some persons have even thrown the dry ones away, with an assumption that they are bad.

Sadly, the dry goron tula does not have the juice as it should and no one knows if the nutrients are complete in those. But the interesting thing is that there is a way to eat goron tula to enjoy it.


A goron tula fruit contains seeds and a fleshy part (pulp) that is divided into sections. Depending on the size, it could have up to 5 or 6 sections when you open it up. Some have just 4. Some persons eat the flesh and the see, some throw the flesh away and eat the seed.

How to eat Goron Tula

  1. When you receive your goron tula, it could come dry or a little soft. When it is soft, that is a sign that it has so much juice in it.
  2. To make it easy to open, you might need to soak it in warm water for just 2 minutes. Try to open it from the side that does not have any cover (upper part).
  3. Goron Tula can be eaten uncooked, it’s safe for eating across all ages. You can eat or chew the raw flesh of the fruit after extracting the seed. 

Can you chew Goron Tula raw?

Yes. The flesh is sweet and you can eat it for some time. This is one of the reasons we also refer to it as African chewing gum. Chew it until there is no more juice coming from it and you can throw the chaff away.

How do you prepare Goron Tula for fertility?

Begin to chew it few days before your ovulation window and not before sex. This will ensure that it cleanses your body before the ovulation and then remove any free radical that may hinder conception. Eating Goron tula before ovulation also helps improve the cervical mucus to aid movement of sperm.

What does Goron Tula do in the body?

The health benefits of Goron Tula includes prevention of high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar level, ease digestion, improves the body immune system and can serve as a remedy for asthma. It assists in improving bowel movement.

Can Goron Tula be taken everyday?

The recommended dosage for Goron Tula is 2-6 pieces per day, typically depending on the amount of stress you face. If you’re under a lot of stress, you may want to take the higher end of the recommended amount.


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Chewing Goron tula when it is ripe is the simplest way to use it. It is like chewed like gum and produce a sweet taste. Goron Tula is one of the most potent and quick-acting female aphrodisiacs. It may be used to treat a variety of ailments, but it is most typically used to improve a woman’s vaginal health.

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