How to Detach Yourself from Social Media

We can all agree that social media serves a good purpose when used the right way; everything you may need to know is on these platforms. People use them for business, others to entertain themselves; whichever way you prefer to use them, don’t get addicted.

Social media can suck you in, especially for first-time users. Instead of being productive, you can use Facebook or Instagram for hours.

If you are one of those people who is finding it hard to let go of social media, you are at the right place, don’t worry. We won’t be hypnotizing you in any way, and we will only give you useful tips that will help you slowly detach yourself from social media.

Find a hobby


One way to detach yourself from social media is to find a hobby outside of the internet world. People claim that scrolling through social media is something they do for fun. What happened to the days when people played outdoor games with their friends and family for fun, read a book for fun, or even painted for fun? Those are proper hobbies.

Because of social media, people have little to no talent. Finding a new hobby and engaging in it can help you take your mind off social media. You will no longer be stuck in that small world on your smartphone.

You can even decide to learn a new skill which will go a long way to help you in the future.

Set time to stay connected

There are twenty-four hours a day, and you can set time to stay connected to your loved ones. Perhaps, an hour or two is all you need if you want to detach yourself from social media.

The rest of your day should be productive, getting enough rest and doing something you love. People even ignore sleep for social media, waking up tired the next day. No one is saying social media is all bad. There are many important things you can find there. That is why you are given the liberty to navigate through it for a few hours or minutes in a day, and that is all you get.

It can be difficult initially, but you will get the hang of it as time goes on. Before you know it, social media wouldn’t be a priority in your life anymore.

Delete all social media apps for a while

This method works like magic. This is more extreme compared to setting time to stay connected. This method will work better for people who do not have any business online.

You have to delete all social media applications for a while and replace them with other things like eBooks. We can all agree that getting addicted to reading is better than getting addicted to social media.

During your two to three weeks’ leave, you will find new things to fall in love with, connect with people more physically, and realize that there is life outside of these mediums, real-life where some people are real and raw without filters. Social media will not appeal to you as it did before when you do this for a while.

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Live a quiet life

This excitement and anxiety come with sharing everything that happens in your life with people on social media. You want to know what they think and what they say about your new photo. You are always looking for validation online, and this excites you.

When you don’t share anything interesting about yourself, people are less concerned about you, which provides a good opportunity to detach yourself. This is because, most of the time, we are on social media because of people’s opinions, to see what they compare to ours, so if no one is paying heed to you, you have a good reason to use social media less and less.

Even the holy book advises us to live a quiet life and mind our own business; once we learn to do that, other people’s actions and opinions won’t matter to us as they did before.

Get a Job

Unemployed people spend more time on social media. If you are busy at work, you wouldn’t have the time to be scrolling through social media, especially if your job is very demanding. And when you get home from work, you are exhausted.

Keeping busy will help you detach from social media. Imagine the amount of money you lose every day just by scrolling through social media and watching people do cringe stuff. Get a job today,

Bottom line

Social media is here to stay. It isn’t going anywhere, so it is up to you to challenge yourself to either avoid it entirely or slowly detach yourself from it; whichever you choose will do you more good than harm. You can start today.

It is all about developing the mindset and working towards it, do not let social media turn you into a narcissist.

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