How to Check Your MTN Balance in Ghana

MTN Ghana is the largest telecommunications provider in the country, with over 25 million subscribers. The South Africa-based company launched operations in Ghana in 2006 after acquiring Investcom Ghana Limited. Since then, it has grown rapidly and now offers mobile and fixed voice services, 4G/LTE data services, mobile financial services, and more throughout Ghana.

Knowing your airtime balance is vital when using a mobile service like MTN Ghana. You want to be able to top up your account or make calls without unexpectedly running out of airtime. Thankfully, MTN offers multiple straightforward methods for checking your balance in Ghana so you can easily keep track.

Why Check Your Balance?

When you use a mobile service, you pay for airtime upfront and use it to make calls, text, and use data. It’s important to monitor your airtime balance so you don’t get unexpectedly cut off when making an important call or using mobile data. Checking your balance also lets you know when you need to top up to continue seamless service.


Easy Ways to Check Your MTN Balance

Method 1: Dial *124#

The quickest and easiest way to check your MTN balance is to dial *124# on your mobile phone. Simply enter the code and press call. You’ll instantly receive a text message from MTN showing your current airtime balance available for calls, texts, and data. This method works on all MTN lines and is free of charge.

Method 2: Use the MyMTN App

For added convenience, download the MyMTN app to your smartphone. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this app lets you check your balance anytime without even needing mobile service. Once downloaded, open the app and log in with your MTN account details. Your balance will be displayed on the dashboard. You can also easily top up airtime, buy data bundles, and manage other services through the app.

Method 3: Call MTN Customer Care

You can also check your MTN balance by calling their customer care center at 100 from your MTN number. This toll-free number is available 24/7. An automated system will provide your current balance details after identifying your phone number. Alternatively, you can speak with a customer service agent to get account assistance or troubleshoot any issues preventing you from checking your balance through other methods.

Keeping Track of Your Balance

To get the most out of your MTN prepaid account, be proactive about monitoring your airtime balance. Here are some tips:

  • Set balance threshold alerts through the MyMTN app so you’re notified when your balance drops below a set amount.
  • View your balance before making any calls or using mobile data to avoid outages.
  • Recharge promptly when your balance is low to continue enjoying seamless service.
  • Consider weekly or monthly airtime plans to automatically top up your account on schedule.


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Knowing how to check your MTN balance is an important skill for all prepaid subscribers in Ghana. MTN offers fast and convenient options like dialing *124#, using the MyMTN app, or calling customer support. Monitor your balance regularly before making calls or using data to avoid unexpected disruptions. Keep your account topped up and take advantage of alerts about low balances.

With these simple tips, you can easily keep track of your airtime level and stay conveniently connected on Ghana’s largest mobile network. Be proactive about checking your balance and you’ll never have to worry about unexpected call drops again.

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