How to Check the Latest Dollar to Cedi Exchange Rate in Ghana

Checking the latest dollar to the cedi exchange rate is not difficult at all, thanks to technology and modernization.

You can check the rate at the bank you do your transactions with, but these banks sometimes add additional costs, which is why you need an intelligent tech that can give you an accurate exchange rate.

There are various websites on which you can check the dollar to cedi rate accurately. Some of these websites even alert you when there is a better rate.

Use Google


When you type the amount you wish to convert on google, it automatically gives you the correct rate, but there are a few websites that serve this purpose and more.

Not only can you check the exchange rates from the dollar to the cedi, or cedi to euros or pounds, but you can also send and receive money through these websites and applications, pay for goods and services on online stores and protect your money.

A Few Websites You Can Use

Before we give the names of these websites, it will be essential for you to to know the difference between the buying and selling rates concerning currency exchange.

The buying rate, known as the bid price, is the rate at which the market is willing to buy. In contrast, the selling price, also known as the asking price, is the rate at which the sellers within the market are willing to sell.

The websites we provided below give you both the accurate selling and during rates.

Below are the websites through which you can check the latest dollar to cedi exchange rates in Ghana;

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The dollar seems to keep rising almost every day, making the cedi weaker by the second; why? It is known that a country’s currency reflects how good or bad its economy is doing, and we all know that Ghana’s economy is crippling, but so are many other developing countries.

The United States is one of the most developed countries globally with the best economy, which explains why the dollar keeps rising.

The weak Ghana cedi is only a bit advantageous to Ghanaians living abroad or foreigners that may visit the country. Ghanaians living abroad can have a cedi account where they can save their dollar, cedi, or pounds and have greater returns on it.

Imagine working in the United States and saving in a cedi account for so many years; guess the amount of money you would have made when you touch down in Ghana to finally settle down? You will be able to invest in a business and retire. That is if the cedi is still so weak compared to the dollar.

The rise in the dollar against the cedi is only disadvantageous to some investors. Yes, it is showing the rest of the world how poorly our economy is doing.

To check the latest exchange rate, use the links above. They provide accurate results.

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