How to borrow money from AirtelTigo

Accessing instant mobile loans in Ghana is simple and fast due to the advent of mobile money services in Ghana. With AirtelTigo Money, you can easily get the money you need without going through the hassle of a traditional loan process.

AirtelTigo does not have a direct loan service compared to their competitors but on airtel tigo, you can borrow money into your wallet through Fido loan. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, Fido Loan Ghana can offer the perfect financial solution.

In this article, we will look at how to borrow money from Fido Loan Ghana using AirtelTigo Money including the steps you need to take and the documents you will need to provide.

About AirtelTigo cash loan service


You can borrow money on Airteltigo cash through Fido loan service. Fido offers short term term loans starting at GHS 200. Fido Micro Credit increases your chance of getting bigger loan gradually up to a maximum of GHS 1000 for returning customers who continue to repay their loans on time. With this, Fido does not offer loans above GHS 1000 and also can not review individual requests for specific loan amounts.

Airteltigo cash loan service requirements with Fido

  1. Have a valid and registered Aiteltigo SIM.
  2. Make sure your AirtelTigo SIM card is registered for AirtelTigo Cash service and have been used for transactions for long.
  3. Make sure you don’t owe any previous loan.
  4. Make sure you are 18 years and above.
  5. Have a Valid Identification Card.
  6. Have a source of income.

How to apply for AirtelTigo cash loan with Fido

  1. Visit the Google Play Store, search for ‘Fido’, and install the new Fido App.
  2. Open the app and begin registration by providing your AirtelTigo number.
  3. You will receive a one-time code to your phone via SMS for verification.
  4. Set your 4 digits PIN code, make sure it’s a code you can remember. Don’t share this pincode with anyone.
  5. Set your security question. Your security question will stop others from gaining access to your account. Make sure it’s an answer you can remember.
  6. Begin the loan application process by submitting yourSelfie, Ghana Card and Address details.
  7. Apply for a quick loan following the application steps and get immediate approval.
  8. Once your loan is approved, money will be instantly sent to your AirtelTigo cash account.

How to repay your AirtelTigo cash loan with Fido

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Select 6 for Savings and Loans
  3. Select 2 for Loans and Payback Loans
  4. Select 2 to Pay Back Fido Loan
  5. Select 1 to Pay Fido Loan
  6. Enter Loan repayment amount
  7. Enter your Reference code
  8. Enter AirtelTigo Money Pin Code

Benefit of AirtelTigo cash loan service with Fido

  1. No guarantor needed before you can get a loan from your AirtelTigo cash wallet.
  2. Flexible and convenient payment options.
  3. Inflation or foreign exchange does not affect loan charges.
  4. You have the choice to choose any amount you desire.

How do I know I am eligible for Fido Loan?

You must be 18 years, have an active SIM card and a good credit score to be able to apply for Fido Loan.

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How many times can I take a loan on AirtelTigo cash with Fido

As many as possible, but you only have on loan account at a time. After you are done paying your previous loan, you can then apply for new and improved one.

How much is the interest rate?

The more loans you take from Fido loan service, the lower the interest rate which can go as low as 8% which is 0.2667% per day.

When can I repay my loan?

On Fido cash, you can select the number of days you want to use to pay back your loan starting from day 1 to day 30. When the time is due, you will have to repay your loan on time so you can be eligible for another.

What happens if I can’t repay my Aiteltigo cash loan with Fido on time?

You will be charged an additional rate a penalty until full repayment is made and your services may be suspended.

Final words

AirtelTigo Money provides an excellent option for those in need of short-term financing. In most cases, the process is complete in a matter of minutes, and you can have the funds transferred directly to your AirtelTigo wallet.

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