How to Become a Sperm Donor in Ghana

Did you know you can make money from donating your sperm? Believe it or not, some people would pay to have your sperm to use in the reproductive process. Lesbians and couples who are struggling to have children have many options to choose from, be it surrogacy, IVF, or even adoption.

Childlessness comes with emotional and psychological struggles, especially for women. They would do anything to hear the cry of a baby in their house, donating your sperm to fertilize the egg of the prospective mother will bring so much joy to the couple. Your testicles produce sperms every day, so you do not lose anything. It is safe and healthy. The downside of it is that you will be an anonymous father to many children.

How to donate your sperms in Ghana

Before your sperms are taken through masturbation and the IVF process to harvest eggs for implantation, you will need to go through a medical evaluation. Family data will be taken, do you have any generic disorders? sexually transmitted diseases? You will fill a donor application questionnaire. You will be tested for Hemophilia, Cystic Fibrosis, Color Blindness, Hereditary cancers, and other biological, emotional, psychological, and physiological factors.


Many prospective parents consider the ethnic group of the donor, looks and complexion, and more. The age limit for sperm donation is 35 years, some hospitals consider healthy men at 40 years.

sperm donors are usually recruited by prospective parents or agents at hospitals. Meaning you can go to a hospital with a sperm bank or cryobank with other appropriate facilities to donate your sperm for money, other times, prospective parents bring their donor but usually, people prefer anonymous donors. Some hospitals that recruit sperm donors are listed in the latter part of this article, together with their locations and contact information.

Legal Issues with being a sperm donor

In other countries, some laws govern this program, to support the couple and the donor. Can the donor return later in life to claim responsibility for the child? If so, what can the parents do? Unfortunately, there are no legal shields to protect the parents or donors. But according to the Head of Accra Fertility Centre at Medifem Multi Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre, Dr. Henaku Larbi, measures are being put in place to establish and enforce legal frameworks.

“Research is ongoing and more consultants are coming on board to help find a legal framework to back the practice of giving donor eggs and sperms. The objective presently is to mitigate anticipated challenges that many arise and at Medifem, we already have a tested and tried the procedure in place” Dr. Henaku said.

Hospitals that accept sperm donors in Ghana

If you want to become a sperm donor, you will need to go to a fertility hospital with state-of-the-art facilities and sign up to become one. The amount of money you will make for donating your sperm cannot be disclosed in this article. You will need to visit any of the following hospitals to make enough inquiries to satisfy your inquisition. The hospitals below take on other Fertility and gynecological issues as well.

  • Medifem hospital is located at Margaret Anderson Avenue, Accra. Call them on 030 2433 963 for more information or send them an email through [email protected]
  • Upscale Angles Fertility Centre. Locate them opposite East Legon police station or send them an email through [email protected]. They take on all fertility issues and accept sperm donations.
  • Pro Vita Specialist Hospital is one of the best fertility hospitals in the country, located at Tema Community 6. They opened their sperm bank a long time ago. Call them on 030 320 2113 for more information.
  • Ruma Fertility Specialist Hospital is located on Dechiemoso Road, Kumasi. They also accept sperm donation. For more information, call them on 020 8160 544.


Sperm donation serves a good course, it is safe, you don’t get sick afterward and unlike blood donation, you don’t need to eat some particular foods to revitalize yourself or anything of that sort. You will be bringing joy into someone else’s house for a huge amount of money. For some men, it does not seem like a very good idea, considering, you may have a child you know nothing about.

And if your sperms are used in more than one reproductive cycle, you may have children all around. That is why many people prefer to donate outside Ghana, to be used for foreign couples.

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You can either send your donor or accept one from an anonymous individual. The latter is the best. Accept sperm donation from someone you and your husband know can be bad, especially when there is no legal framework to back the course. It can breed misunderstandings in the future

The hospitals that are listed in this article have received accreditation and are safe to work with. If you want to be a sperm donor, visit any of them and go through the necessary procedures. And for couples who want to be parents, prepare financially.

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