How to access your GCB account online

Are you a GCB customer and looking for an easier and more convenient way to access your GCB account? With the rise of internet banking, accessing your GCB account online has become easier and more secure than ever before.

GCB allows you to access your account quickly and securely via their online banking platform. With the online banking platform, you can manage and monitor your accounts, transfer funds, check account balances, and make payments.

In this article, we will give you a guide on how to access your GCB account online at your comfort so you won’t need to always visit visit bank whenever you need to make an enquiry on your account.

Accesing your GCB account balance online


To be able to check your GCB account activities online, you must have a GCB Bank account. After creating an account at any GCB Bank closer you prefer, you then link your account to the mobile banking services, ether the USSD banking or mobile app banking to be able to check your account online. I will recommend the USSD banking because it is the easiest and fastest to use.

How to register for GCB mobile banking

You must have an active GCB account to be able to register for the mobile banking service. The number you will use for the mobile banking service must be the same number you used in opening the account.

  1. Dial *422# on your phone.
  2. Select GCB Mobile Banking
  3. Enter your GCB bank account number and press send.
  4. Follow the next link your number to your account and set up your PIN
  5. After you are done with registration, you will need to activate your mobile banking account to be able to start using it.

How to activate your account

  1. Dial *422# on your phone.
  2. Select GCB Mobile Banking.
  3. Enter your bank account number.
  4. After pressing send, the menu will change to a different one where you can access your account details and activities.

How to access your GCB account online

Using USSD code

Now that you have connected your GCB account to your mobile number, you can access your GCB account anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is to,

  1. Dial *422# on your phone.
  2. Your mobile banking account dashboard will be displayed to you.
  3. From there, you select the option you wants to access on your account.

Using mobile app

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You can also access your GCB account on the GCB Mobile app.

  1. Visit playstore or Appstore on your phone
  2. Type in GCB mobile banking and the app will show
  3. Click to Install/Get It
  4. After successfully installing, go on to register an account with the number you used in opening the bank account
  5. Make sure you provide all necessary details and also confirm the OTP code
  6. After you are done registering, you will be given a dashboard where you can access all GCB banking activities at your comfort without visiting the bank.

Benefits of using GCB mobile banking

  1. It is convenient. No need to show up at the bank. Every banking service is available wherever you are on your phone.
  2. A smartphone with an Internet connection is all you need to use mobile banking services.
  3. There is 24/7 availability. You can benefit from mobile banking services at any time.
  4. Every transaction is immediately tracked, stored, and accessed via a mobile app. 
  5. Mobile banking services greatly improve the way customers view their financial operators.
  6. You only get the services you want without additional options that won’t benefit you in the long run.
  7. Mobile banking services reduce paper consumption and minimize personal carbon imprint. 

How safe is money with mobile banking?

Your money is safe, transactions are highly protected using banking security standards.

What happens to the cash on my wallet if my phone SIM is lost or stolen?

All your transactions are protected by the highest level of security. You can replace your SIM card at any of the Telecom network’s outlet facilities. Your account will be immediately available to you following completion of the SIM card replacement process.

Is there a specific time to use GCB mobile banking service?

No. There is no time limit. You can use the service anytime and anywhere. The only time you can’t be able to access the service is when there is a system upgrade. And with that, you will be alerted ahead of time through SMS.


By following these simple steps, you can easily access your GCB account online. With the online banking platform, you can monitor and manage your accounts from anywhere in the world. It’s fast, secure, and convenient. So, what are you waiting for? Start using the GCB online banking platform today and take advantage of the convenience and security that it offers.

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