Goron Tula: Uses, Price, and Where to Buy

Azanza Garckeana, also known as Goron Tula, tree hibiscus, snot apple, and African chewing gum, is an edible fruit popular in West and Southern Africa. Because of its numerous benefits, it was also named “the miracle fruit.” It was domesticated by the people of Tula in Gombe State, Nigeria. The fruit contains essential minerals and vitamins that help the human body.

We will educate you on the uses of this fruit, how it is consumed, and the side effects of consuming a bit too much and give you information about where to buy the fruit. We will begin with the uses of Goron Tula, or what happens to your body when you eat it?

Uses of Goron Tula

The primary use of this fruit is to increase libido or sexual urge in both genders. The fruit works as a natural aphrodisiac. If you have low libido due to stress, aging, and other health conditions, you need to consume just the right amount of Goron Tula and increase your sex drive.


This is one of the best natural aphrodisiacs out there. The fruit contains magnesium, which helps regulate the body’s stress response system.

Also, Consuming snot apple helps with vaginal lubrication. Say no to dry vagina. Taking the right amount of Goron Tula helps keep the vaginal area soft, moist, and ready for penetration. 5- 10 pieces of snot apple will do the trick.

The fruit also aids in boosting fertility. Research has shown that the anti-bacterial, anti-hyperglycemic, and iron absorption properties in the fruit help to deactivate free radicals in the body, which can damage sperm cells and eggs cells.

So if you want to get pregnant anytime soon, turn to consume snot apple daily to help with the course. You will be sexually active, but your vagina is also ready, and your cells cannot wait either.

Are you struggling with an unbearable vagina odor? Does it itch down there? You probably have an infection, and the miracle fruit can cure you. Goron Tula contains antioxidants that can help cure infections. You can also boil the fruit and use warm water as a douche, and it works as a natural vaginal cleanser.

It will interest you to know that the leaves of Azanza Garckeana can be used as manure to help your plants grow. As mulch to cover up your garden to help the land renew its moisture and fertility. It is also fodder for livestock.

Further, according to a study by Alfred Maroyi published by Science Alert, Goron Tula can be processed into a medication that can cure several ailments such as high blood pressure, liver problems, high blood sugar, and many others. This goes to imply that Goron Tula does not only serve the sexual benefit.

Side Effects

Well, don’t be surprised. There is a famous saying that “too much of everything is bad.” And that also applies to consuming too much Goron Tula.

Don’t abuse this fruit because you have heard that it increases libido, and you selfishly want to be “horny”! Consuming too much Goron Tula can encourage early mensuration. This is unhealthy, it can mess with your hormones, and you can get urinary tract infections and more.

Research has also shown that the Goron Tula fruit contains tannic acid, a carcinogenic. Hence consuming too much Goron Tula can cause you to develop a particular type of cancer. The fruit also contains polyphenol, which can trigger an allergic reaction.

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How it is consumed

Goron Tula is a fruit. There is no restriction on how you want to consume it. When it is ripe, you can chew it, and the insides are chewy, soft, and sweet. You can also soak it in water to make a jelly or syrup. People also prefer to dry it and use it as a spice. However you choose to consume it, it will serve its purpose.

Where to Buy Goron Tula in Ghana

You can get Goron Tula to buy in all marketplaces in Ghana. Depending on how you want it, syrup, raw fruits, or even powder, you can get it between GHS10 – and GHS 200. But you can get it relatively cheaper when you go to the market than purchase it online. But if you still prefer the latter, below are some of the online shops you can contact

  • @tula_secrets : 024 427 5520
  • Jonel Enhancers: 026 649 0037
  • Gorontula Gh: 055 029 8598/ 024 558 7218

You can also buy it on Jiji.


Many people assume that Goron Tula has a spiritual link to it but does not, though people who sell it in syrup or powder forms can choose to add “something” to it if they please. But we have established that it is just a fruit that serves many purposes. You can get Goron Tula in a market near you, it’s not expensive, and it is not hard to find.

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