Ghana Holland Cloth Prices: What to Expert

Ghana Holland cloth, is a popular fabric in Ghanaian fashion. It is colorful and versatile, with a range of designs from traditional motifs to modern graphic prints. Ghana Holland cloth is used for everything from traditional clothing to fashionable accessories.

Holland cloth, or simply Holland, is a plain-woven or dull-finish linen used as a furniture covering or a cotton fabric with a glazed or unglazed surface that is more or less opaque (the Holland finish). Originally, the term was used to describe any quality, plain woven linens imported from Europe, especially the Netherlands. 

In Ghana, Holland cloths are used to sow nice traditional dresses for events and gatherings. 

Ghana Holland Cloth Prices


The average price of Holland Cloth in Ghana is GHS 320, mostly for 6 yards. That means a yard of Holland cloth in Ghana can cost around GHS 53. Please note that, prices may vary depending on where you buy it from and the demand for that particular type you want. 

Factors that can affect the price of Ghana Holland Cloth

1. Quality

There is quality and sythetic in everything in this world and Holland cloth is not different. High-quality Ghana Holland Cloth is usually made from 100% cotton and has a tighter weave, which makes it more durable and resistant to fading. If you are going for a high fabric Holland cloth, you must know the price will likely be high compared to the sythetic version.

2. Design

How complex or simple the design looks can also drive the price. A simple and popular design will have a much more lesser price than a rare and complex design.

3. Brand

A popular brand is known to produce quality. They are well established and known in the industry for producing high-quality fabrics, which can make them more expensive.

4. Availability

The availability of Ghana Holland Cloth can also impact its price. If the fabric is in high demand and there is a limited supply, the price may go up due to the laws of supply and demand.

5. Location

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The region where the fabric is sold can also affect its price. In some areas, Ghana Holland Cloth may be more expensive due to higher import taxes or transportation costs.

Where to buy Ghana Holland Cloth

Below are GTP Shops In Accra where you can buy Holland cloth.

1. Makola Store

  • Physical Address: Rawlings Park, Makola, close to Old White Chapel store.
  • GPS ADDRESS: GA-141-4257
  • Contact Number: +233208160517/ 030 266 4448

2. Woodin Tema Mall 

  • Physical Address: Tema Mall, Opposite Ghana Sanyo Ind. Area
  • Tel: +233 303-304497

3. Woodin Osu Branch

  • Physical Address: Osu Oxford Street
  • Tel: +233 302-764371

4. Woodin Accra Mall Branch

  • Physical Address: In Accra Mall 
  • Tel: +233 302-823066

5. Woodin Junction Mall

  • Physical Address: Junction Mall Nungua Barrier 

6. Woodin Accra High Street

  • Physical Address: High Street – City Car Park Building, Accra
  • Tel: +233 302-677414

7. Woodin East Legon

  • Physical Address: A & C Square, Jungle Road East Legon, Accra.
  • Tel: +233 302-518889


Ghana Holland cloth is a beautiful and versatile fabric that can be used in a variety of ways. While the price can vary depending on several factors, you can expect to pay between 10 and 30 Ghana cedis per yard. Whether you’re looking to purchase Ghana Holland cloth for traditional clothing, accessories, or home decor, there are many options available both online and in-person.

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