Explanations of the Various NABCO Modules and What they do

Nation Builders Corps(NABCO) was introduced in 2018 by President Nana Akuffo-Addo and the government of Ghana to help provide jobs for unemployed graduates, be it Senior High School, University, or Training College graduates. Since its introduction, it has seen thousands of graduate trainees who are ready to learn and work for private and public sectors for socio-economic growth.

These graduates are given stipends or modest allowance regularly, even though there have been complaints about payment, the government is working towards it.

No matter how small this stipend is, it is better than staying at home and ignorantly blaming the government for not providing jobs. That said, NABCO came out with 7 modules, sectors that these graduates can enter to train and work.


These modules include Educate Ghana, Heal Ghana, Digitize Ghana, Feed Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Civic Ghana, and Enterprise Ghana. While working in these sectors, graduates can build on their skills while earning income.

Are you a graduate and have thought about being a part of the scheme? All you need to do is to visit the NABCO website, sign up and fill out the necessary forms. Forms that will require your certificate or degree. You should have been able to complete your 1-year national service as well before you will be accepted into the program.

Read on to know the modules and what they do, or what you are to do if you join.

Heal Ghana

This initiative sees trained nurses and health workers provide health care to people in deprived and rural communities, and people with disabilities. Trainees also take on emergency medicine and first aid.

While at it, they will build on their skills. With the help Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of health, the scheme will get to know the areas where health delivery will require an intensive workforce.

Digitize Ghana

Graduate trainees work in information and communication technology sectors and institutions to help improve their digital skills. Acquiring knowledge in IT will go a long way to help increase productivity, improve efficiency and make working around anything ‘digital’ or computerized, easier.

The module is already taking initiatives such as a national identification scheme, a digital address, land title, and land administration, health and safety monitory, archival digitization, and many more. In short, they will help monitor and evaluate important data. Computer engineering students are even at more advantage.

Enterprise Ghana

In governments’ pursuit to industrialize all parts of the country, they introduced the ‘Enterprise Ghana’s program to aim towards, one, district industrial drive under the One District One Factory initiative introduced by the government of Ghana, two, to stimulate existing industries.

Graduates train and work in both the government and private sectors to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills while working for the good of the country. It will engage graduate students at any level.

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Educate Ghana

Graduate trainees will work in the field of education in primary to senior high schools across the country and will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) because that is the direction the world seems to be running to.

With the acquisition of knowledge and skills, these trainees could be offered permanent job placements in schools, especially kindergarten and preschool. Those who already took teacher training courses are at more advantage since they have some knowledge about education and teaching

Feed Ghana

This focuses more on agriculture. Graduate trainees could help in delivering needed services that will be required for increased productivity, like extending support to farmers, propagating scientific knowledge, participating in seed and fertilizer programs.

This they are doing with the help of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. With the knowledge these graduates can get from this initiative, they have become farmers and entrepreneurs who can engage in production, marketing, and distribution.

Revenue Ghana

Graduate trainees are needed to provide a much-needed workforce to solve the problem of revenue mobilization. They will work with Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to develop skills that they can use to identify revenue resources and also manage the revenue generated. Students who study accounting and finance will be engaged even more.

Not only will they know matters related to Ghana’s revenue, but they can also be maintained as permanent workers at GRA.

Civic Ghana

The last module will see graduates assist within the district and constituency level to help bring Government to the people and vice versa in a more peaceful and simplified manner. It will engage graduate students at any level.

Your career pathway may be very close to you. Sign up with NABCO today and become a graduate trainee, build on your skill, get some experience while working for the government, perhaps that is not what you wish to do forever, but you can start somewhere.

Consider it, learning and getting paid for it. As a patriotic citizen of Ghana, it should be your priority to work for the good of the country to promote socio-economic development.

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