Delay Man Capsules: Price, Uses, where to buy and Side Effects

Delay man capsules are made of powerful herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients that work together to help men delay or prevent premature ejaculation during bed games activity. Delay man capsules are available in form of small capsules that you can easily swallow once or twice daily.

Dr. Lawson of Lawson Herbal Center, with his much-gained idea in local medicine combined various herbs such as “Zingiber officinale”, “Penianthus zenkeri”, “Paullinia pinnata”, etc. and manufactured these powerful capsules with the aim of helping men who have bed game issues and are weak in several waist activities.


  1. Delay man capsules are taken by men and only men who wants to delay ejaculation.
  2. The capsules work by reducing the blood flow out of the male organ which make ejaculation takes longer to happen.
  3. It also strengthens your male organ muscles, veins and bones.
  4. If you also want to repair some worn out tissues in the waist line, you can use delay man capsules.


Currently, Delay man capsules is sold for GHS 17. The price can reduce or rise depending on time changes.

Where to buy

Delay man capsules can be bought at any available pharmacy or herbal shops across the country. For bulk purchases, you can contact Lawson Herbal Center on how to get them.

Side effect

Delay man according to Dr. Lawson has no side effect if used well. But too much of its usage can lead to high blood pressure in men. This is because of how it stimulates blood in men for their bed games.


Men, 18 years and above are the only ones advisable to use delay man capsules. Take two capsules two times daily after meal.

NB: Note that, this drug is not recommended for children below eighteen years and below.

Bulk purchases

For bulk purchases or retail, you can contact Lawson Herbal Center on 0242133577/0202675778.

For further enquiries and other information, you can also contact the same number mentioned above.

Other product from Lawson Herbal Center

Lawson Herbal Mixture

Lawson herbal mixture is a potent antimalarial medication locally produced from Local herbs which treats general body pains and malaria. It is made from herbs like “Alstonia boonei“, “Khaya senegalensis” and “Paulinia pinnata“.


  1. Alstonia boonei
  2. Khaya senegalensis
  3. Paulinia pinnata
  4. Rauwolfia vomitoria
  5. Pycnanthus angolensis


The medicine is directed and made to cure general body pains and malaria.

Dosage form 

Liquid mixture


  1. Adults (18years and above): two tablespoonful (30ml) three times daily after meals.
  2. Children (12years-17years); one tablespoonful (15ml) three times daily after meals.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight and keep out of reach of children.

Side effect 

As at now, no side effect has been reported.

NB: Not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children below twelve years of age.


There are many different types of male enhancement supplements on the market. Delay man capsules are one option that is said to be effective at increasing libido and bed game stamina.

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