Coral Paint Ghana: Price List and Where To Buy

Are you building a new house or are you renovating an old house? Do you want to paint your walls or inside your room? Whatever you need to paint for, this article is the right fit for you.

One of the most important materials needed when are building a new house or renovating an old house is paint. Paint is one of the building materials that can transform a “not nice” house into becoming a “beautiful” house that stands out from the rest.

Coral Paint Ghana is one of the leading names in the Ghanaian paint industry. With over several decades of active business in Ghana and other parts of the West African sub-region.


Coral and Dulux Paint brands are members of the AkzoNobel Group. They are one of the world’s biggest coating manufacturers and one of the leading names in decorative paints and performance coating.

As the world is advancing, Coral Paint Ghana and AkzoNobel Group also put technology and innovation at the core of our company’s profile.

In the Decorative premium quality segment in Ghana, M&K Ghana Limited (Coral Paints Ghana) is one of the undisputed market leaders.

When they started in 1986, Coral Synthetic Enamel was the only brand in the company’s portfolio. After several years of being in the business, Dulux was added to the company’s portfolio in 2010.

Coral Paint Ghana Types Of Paints

Coral Paint Ghana has two (2) types of paints; the ones used for interior and the other type is for the exterior. Due to a large number of paints that Coral Paint Ghana has in its portfolio, I am just going to show you a few numbers of them.

Coral Paint Ghana Exterior Paints

  • Coralatex Super-spreading
  • Dulux Wallguard
  • Dulux Weathershield
  • Coral Acrylic filler
  • Coral Acrylic resin for stones
  • Coral Acrylic Texture Design
  • Coral Acrylic Texture Rustic
  • Coral Acrylic Textured Paint
  • Coral ceramic paint
  • Coral Coralflex (for slabs)
  • Coral Damp-Proof Epoxy
  • Coral Galvanized primer
  • Coral Graphite paint
  • Coral Pinta Piso Floor paint
  • Dulux Roofguard
  • Dulux Supergrip primer
  • Dulux Trade Bonding Liquid
  • Dulux Trade Floorcote
  • Dulux Trade Steel Primer, etc.

Coral Paint Ghana Interior Paints

  • Coral Decora Diamond Semi-Gloss
  • Coralatex Super-Spreading
  • Dulux Luxurious Silk
  • Dulux Acrylic PVA
  • Coral Acrylic Filler
  • Coral Acrylic Varnish
  • Coral Ceramic Paint
  • Coral Damp-Proof Epoxy
  • Coral Gloss Liquid
  • Coralgypsum
  • Dulux Brick Dressing
  • Dulux Expanding Foam
  • Dulux Galvanized Iron Primer
  • Dulux Glazecoat
  • Dulux Gloss Enamel
  • Dulux Pearlglo
  • Dulux Pre-paint Smoothover
  • Skimming plaster, etc.

Coral Paint Ghana Price List

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Coral Paint Ghana has a huge list of paints on their portfolio. As such, we contacted Coral Paint Ghana and they provided us with some of the recommended paints for both interior and exterior paints.

All other paints are within the same price range. The average price for paint at Coral Paint Ghana is from GHS 20.00 – GHS 500.00. The price of the paint depends on the size of the container the paint is in.

Below are some of the top paints recommended by Coral Paint Ghana and their prizes.

CORALATEX: this paint is a matt finish emulsion that can be used for both interior and exterior walls. The 3.6L costs GHS 77.90 and the 18L bucket costs GHS 356.20.

DULUX ACRYLIC PVA: this is a matt finish emulsion that can be used for interior walls. The 2.5L costs GHS 39.00 and the 20L costs GHS 281.20.

DULUX LUXURIOUS SILK: it is a satin finish emulsion that can be used for interior walls. The 2.5L costs GHS 52.60 and the 20L costs GHS 401.40.

WEATHERSHIELD: it is a satin finish emulsion that can be used for exterior walls. It comes in 5L which costs GHS 159.80 and the 20L costs GHS 510.60.

WALLGUARD: is a suede finish emulsion finish that can be used for exterior walls. It comes in 5L which costs GHS 159.80 and the 20L costs GHS 510.60.

Where Can You Buy Coral Paints in Ghana

You can buy Coral Paint from several places around the country. We are going to show you some of them and if you want to find out more, you can visit Coral Paint Ghana’s official website for all the places you can buy from.

Coral Paint Main Showroom & Head Office, Adabraka

Kojo Thompson Road, Adabraka

024 222 2012/027 722 2012/050 222 2012

Emmkwab Enterprise, Tema

Community 25, Aflao Road, Dawhenya (near Eno spot)

027 744 3308/020 430 5800

Game Discount World Store, Kumasi

Kumasi Mall, 1 Lake Road, Asokwa Industrial Area,

032 208 6222

Holy Queen Company Limited, Cape Coast

Near Agya Appiah, 91 Starlet Road,

055 795 7469/024 235 0772

Holy Queen Company Limited, Swedru

Agona, Chapel Square, Opposite TOTAL Filling Station,

024 314 3217/024 465 4305

Fair First Ventures, Takoradi

Kwasi Kum Road 5A,

024 652 0928


There are several types of paint in Ghana and Coral Paint Ghana is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

After reading through this article, you should also ask for your painter’s opinion on the best paint to go for. Since he/she is the one going to do the job, their concern should be your topmost priority.

After consulting him/her, you then have to do your own research before you choose to buy a particular paint. Don’t go and throw your money away, ask before you make your decision.

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