Chalewote Festival: History, Significance and How it is Celebrated

Chalewote welcomes creative energies and art enthusiasts in Ghana and all around the world to celebrate art with music and dance.

During this period, individuals who are wise in art come together to speak in a language only they understand. They line up and march the streets of Jamestown in Accra to celebrate.

How Chalewote Festival is Celebrated

In 2011, Chale Wote, which translates to “My friend, let’s go, ” was birthed as one of the youngest festivals created to celebrate art. It is Celebrated in August, right after the Homowo Festival.


During this period, artists displayed numerous artworks, including graffiti murals, street painting, photography, spoken word, interactive art illustrations, fashion parade, and film shows. The streets are jammed with colours, designs and styles of different forms. 

Since its introduction, the number of days it is celebrated has been changing. The first two editions run for a way, while the 2013 and 2014 editions run for two days each.

The former in September and the latter in August. The format switched again in 2016, which lasted a whole week in August. From the 18th to the 21st. The festival sometimes sees art spaces like the Nubuke Foundation, The Museum of Science and Technology, among others. 

There is art, food, music and dance throughout the celebration. People make money, others give money and make merry.

The Significance Of Chale Wote Festival

The importance of art to every community and every individual cannot be overemphasized. Art is who we are; it’s how we came about. Our culture and traditions are art. Art gives us life and allows us to live meaningfully.

It’s in our clothes, food, homes, and art in everything we do, so why should it not be celebrated? The celebration of the Chale Wote festival is important because it benefits the artists, individual celebrants, stakeholders and the country as a whole. How?

For Artists;

Artists get to show off their talents and attract patrons and enthusiasts. There are many forms of art and just as many people in the world with different interests.

Artists get gigs, likes and patronage from individuals who come to celebrate. They learn from other artists and make connections that may help them in the future. They grow their businesses as well.

For Individuals and Stakeholders

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Art enthusiasts go to the Chalewote festival to appreciate art and have fun. They experience art differently and patronize the works of the artists. They learn while having the time of their lives.

There’s an opportunity for people to make new friends and build a network that will connect like-minded people at a particular time. Stakeholders make enough money from organizing this celebration and are doing a good job keeping it alive while the years change.

For the country;

The country earns from this festival as well. People from abroad come to celebrate, and when they do, they empty their wallets. This money somehow finds its way into the government’s coufers—revenue that should be used in undertaking relevant developmental projects in the country.


Chalewote can be further developed if it’s organized in other regions in the country and outside the country. People who love art should be encouraged to join in the celebration.

Chalewote is happening again next year, don’t miss it for anything. 

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