Buses that Move from Accra to Lagos & Transport Prices

Do you want to travel from Accra, Ghana, to Lagos, Nigeria, to visit your family or friends? Or do you have goods you want to transport for business? What about a fun vacation trip? Did you know you can get there by bus at affordable prices? 

The 459.3km stretch via the Accra-Aflao road takes about eight to ten hours depending on the driver’s speed, the route chosen, bus condition, and even the stops that will be made along the way.

The bus will cross three borders on the way to Lagos: the Togo-Ghana border, the Cotonou-Togo border, and the Lagos-Cotonou border meaning there are bound to be stops that could slow the journey.


Some trusted transport companies operate in both cities, vowing to take you back and forth safely and with your comfort in mind. Check them out below;

Transport Companies

Guo Transport

G. U Okeke transport Services has been in the industry since 1980. they Travel to more than 200 destinations, including West Africa.

They have a modern, environmentally friendly fleet to ensure safe, enjoyable, and comfortable trips to your destination. Other services include round-trip, hotel/airport pick-up, haulage, and charter services.

Book a ticket at any of their terminals below;


Abbosey-Okai Mortuary road, opposite 2nd Total filling station by Kaneshie roundabout.

Call: 023 090 5352


M177, Madina firestore after Atomic Junction firestore bus stop

Call: 024 413 4534

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Padmore street, opposite Healthwise medical center site 5, community 1.

Call: 023 090 5352

Email: [email protected]

ABC Transport

ABC transport is one of the oldest, most trusted, and most reliable commuting services. Their services include ABC executive express, shuttle services, city transit Inn, ABC Coach West Africa( plys Ghana, Lome, Cotonou).

There are also cargo and sprinter services, all you need is to possess a current international passport or identification, and you can be on your way to Lagos today. 

They have a fleet of good buses, experienced drivers, and air-conditioned buses with more legroom, among other things.

Book at ticked at their terminal at the R5 bus stop, Caprice. Opposite Price Way Hotel, Avenor.

Call: 020 876 5930/ 024 426 8611

Email: [email protected]

Chisco Transport

Chisco is a leading transport company in Nigeria established in 1978. It started to work in Nigeria and later spread its wings to other West African countries such as Ghana, Togo, and Ivory Coast.

That’s why you can travel to Lagos from Accra with Chisco. Their services include bus charter, bus operating, lease, travel and tour, and advertising services.

You can travel in their buses, choose one of their fleet for personal use or book a vacation trip with them, all at an affordable price. 

The buses are clean and spacious, with air conditioning. Your comfort is assured. There are experienced drivers as well.

Book a ticket at Accra Chisco Transport terminal at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra. Opposite Neoplan Station.

Email: [email protected]

Cross Country

Cross country transport works in Nigeria and the ECOWAS sub-region. You can get to Lagos cross country.

Their trusted and patronized services include land transportation, haulage, and courier services for corporate organizations and individuals at competitive prices. Their fleets are efficient, dependable, and safe.

Book a ticket at their terminal at Ring road central, Kwame Nkrumah Circle

Call: 027 444 7838 / 024 463 3411

Bus Fare from Accra to Lagos

The fare varies, depending on the transportation service of choice and the global market’s fuel cost. However, if you have between GHS 395 and GHS 600, you can get aboard a bus to Lagos today.

More information

It’s a long ride to Nigeria, so remember to travel light or do not carry along things you may not need during your stay. Carry along your identification card, and make sure you have enough money. Remember to grab a window seat to enjoy your trip fully!

Visit any of the terminals of the transport services listed above, grab a ticket and get parking.

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