Burglarproof Windows in Ghana: Companies, Where to Buy & Prices

Are you looking to purchase burglarproof windows to protect you and your family or business from the grips of burglars? We have a list of some of the best companies that manufactures and sells these materials that are made from strong metals and designed to provide security against burglar attack.

Protecting your life and property is very important, that is why installing a proper security system to do this shouldn’t be difficult. In this article, you will be introduced to the best burglarproof manufacturing companies in Ghana, where to locate them and the prices of this security material.

Check them out below;

Yehans International


Yehans say that their burglarproof windows and doors are made from the best materials to provide maximum security. They are smooth, easy and slides quickly in case of a fire outbreak and can be shut in an emergency without the use of a key.

They are also made with olid brass rivets, ensuring that there is no weakness and polyester epoxy coated for longetivity. Yehans will also install your burglarproof for you at an affordable price.

Location: Boundary Road, Adjiringanor, Legon.

Call: 024 431 9079/ 054 434 2314/ 055 906 2707

Email: [email protected]

Superlock Ghana

Superlock says that their burglarproof windows and doors are made with the best materials such as galvanised steel to withstand any weather condition. Riveting is done instead of welding to prevent rapid rusting of windows and doors.

Their products are also made with both security and domestic sense of style that’s available in different colours. Other products from Superlock Ghana include security doors, internal doors, aluminium doors and windows, balustrades and kitchen fittings.

Their showrooms include;

Accra Showroom

Location: K.A Ofori Atta Street, Opposite Bayport Annex

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Call: 030 278 5508/9

Email: [email protected]

Tema Showroom

Location: Tema Hospital Road, Community 11, Ecobank

Call: 057 770 6800

Email: [email protected]

Kumasi Showroom

Location: Dichemso, opposite Goil at Boakye Dankwa. Junction Airport Roundabout at Manhyia Road.

Call: 032 208 0758

Email: [email protected]

Takoradi Showroom

Location: Edward Akufo-Addo Road, West Anaji Takoradi

Call: 028 833 6620

Email: [email protected]

Weija Showroom

Location: Tetegu

Call: 024 433 9323

Email: [email protected]

Adenta Showroom

Location: Adenta-dodowa road, opposite Puma Fuel Station

Tel: 026 699 9200

Perlorange Holdings

Perlorange Holdings sell residential and commercial burglarproof windows and doors made with only the best materials accompanied with other safety upgrades that are essential to your security system.

Other products include balustrades and staircase, roller shutter and garage doors, aluminium windows and doors, gates and fence walls. They also provide consultation services. 

Location: 5 Naa Kuokor Street, off Botwe Nmai-Dzorn Road, Behind Peace Be Plaza

Call: 030 290 8993/ 024 478 7010

Email: [email protected]

Pasico Ghana

At Pasico Ghana, you will find building materials including security grilles, roller doors, burglarproof doors and windows made with British galvanised steel.

They have also been into fitting and maintenance since 1948. Choose Pasico for the best burglarproof windows and doors for your home and workplace.

Tema Showroom

Location: 1st Floor, Dennis House, Plot TC15, Harbour Road. Tema

Call: 030 320 4963

Email: [email protected]

Takoradi Showroom

Location: PK Baiden Close, Beach Road Takoradi.

Call: 031 202 6786

Email: [email protected]

Where to Burglarproof Windows in Ghana

To purchase burglarproof windows in Ghana, you need to call any of the numbers below the company you choose to do business with, visit their showrooms and have a look at their items. You can also purchase online if you prefer products from another country.

Price of Burglarproof in Ghana

Depending on the size and space of your property, the prize of burglarproof defers. By estimation, you can get burglarproof to buy for your windows and doors between GHS 200 and GHS 3,000 or more. It also depends on the company you purchase your product from, as well as the type of burglarproof your choose.

Other Ways to Protect Your Property from Burglar Attack

A burglarproof window and door will do a good job protecting your and your property because it makes it difficult and almost impossible for thieves to make their way past it, into your home or workplace. However, additional security is right.

You can install an alarm system on your doors and add security lights near ground level of windows and doors.

You can even keep a wild dog in your home. You can not always be safe especially if you leave in a heavy residential area.


You can get burglarproof to buy even from the welder in your vicinity, but what materials are his products made from? What guarantee do you have that they are durable and strong? Purchase burglarproof from only the best companies, call the numbers under the companies we have listed above and make enough enquiries before taking your next step.

Those companies also sell other building materials that will be essential to your building process.

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