Bone Straight Hair: Quality, Price & Where to buy in Ghana

It is said that a woman’s hair is her glory. This is true because your hair contributes significantly to your beauty. That explains why sometimes you are in a foul mood when your hair is undone and dirty, but once you have bone straight on your head or get beautiful protective braids, your confidence is up in the air, and you are suddenly sexier and a more powerful woman. Yes.

Bone straight hair, and what is unique about it?

Bone straight hair came with force. It still is very much in the system and patronized by many women, but we all remember the attention it brought when it was first introduced, and celebrities were the only ones who could afford it.

Still, now you can too because we were going to tell you all about it, how much it costs and where exactly you can buy it.


As the name suggests, bone straight hair is straight, thin and silky. From the weft to the bottom, the hair is straight and smooth, so much that it does not require styling and cannot be curled. How cool is that? The coat has such a corporate, sophisticated and badass woman look.

It is flat and doesn’t make your head look big, and it has this smooth and almost natural feel, hence its demand and price in the market. Bone straight hair does not also need colouring.

Types of bone straight hair

These Cambodian and Brazilian bone straight hairs come in three types. Single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. Each with its price.

The single draw bone straight hair contains 30 to 40 per cent hair strands, and it has multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions. Single drawn hairs are thick at the top and taper down at the middle with very thin ends.

Double drawn has 60 to 70 per cent of hair. It is very thick and complete at the top, middle and bottom and more expensive than the single drawn hair, while the super double drawn bone straight hair is thick, contains 80 to 90 per cent of hair strands of the same length, has the density of a natural hair. It is the most expensive of the types.

Price of Bone Straight hair in Ghana

The hair is priced considering the type and length measured in inches. The price ranges from GHS 500 to GHS 5,000! Now you might as yourself? Why spend GHS 5000 on a wig?!

Wig enthusiasts and some rich accomplished women will tell you that you are asking a “poverty question” because you should not be scared to spend when it comes to beauty, self-care, and self-investment.

The hair price also differs from store to store because they may all have different distributors, and so does it when it is sewn into a wig.

That said, we will introduce you to some of the best wig and extension stores in Ghana and where to find them, stores in which you can buy your bone straight wig, but before that, here is how to maintain your wig.

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How to maintain your wig

When you are using something for a long time, it starts to deteriorate when you don’t have maintenance practices that you can use. Bone straight hair has been made with attention to detail, and so are the wigs, but it can deteriorate after using it for a long time.

To maintain your wig, you will need to wash it to eliminate dirt and residue, spray protective agents on it, blow-dry and straighten it.

If you do not know how to straighten it properly, take it to your hairstylist.

Where to buy bone straight hair in Ghana

Oh My Hair

Located on Boundary Road, East Legon, Accra

Phone: 050 206 5705

Instagram: @oh_my_hair

The Hair Senta


24 Jungle Avenue, on the AnC Mall Road, East Legon

024 862 9769/ 054 435 4455/ 024 490 7898

Lagos Avenue, Accra (For Wholesale)

024 489 7666

Ahodwo, Kumasi

054 357 9949


050 874 0082

Instagram: @hairsenta

Raw Donor Hair Vendor

Located at Dantu Avenue, Awudome Roundabout, Opposite St Theresa Catholic Church

WhatsAap: 027 866 1348

Instagram: @hairbynaashormey

The Hair Village

Located in Achimita Mall and Takoradi Mall

WhatsApp: 024 006 5928

Glam in Inches

Located at 1 Fanaa Crescent, Accra

Phone: 054 883 3167


Instagram: @glam_in_inches

Hair Duties

Located in Makola Shopping Mall, Osu Photodown Club

Phone: 027 002 0636/ 054 695 4010

Instagram: @hairduties

Hair Memories

Located at Community 25, Tema

Phone: 020 519 2100

Instagram: @hair_memories_gh

TJ’s Hair

Located at Dansoman( Mataheko Pharmacy)

024 262 1648

Hair City

Located at Madina Zongo Junction, Accra

Phone: 024 388 2372/ 026 459 5849

Sante’s Hair

Located at Kumasi

Phone: 054 493 0293

Hair by Gyewaa

Located on Manhia Street, Abelempke

WhatsApp: 027 493 1064

You can also order your bone straight hair online via Jumia, Ubuy, or Alibaba.

Reward yourself with a bone straight hair today if you can afford it. You “can’t come and kill yourself”. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section.

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