Best Recycling Companies in Ghana

Waste is literally eating up the world little by little. In Ghana, our river bodies are polluted with plastic waste, causing floods when it rains and ruining homes and properties.

Plastic, glass, and metals do not decompose, causing the natural environment to be compromised. But these plastics, glasses, and metals can be recycled into other essential items.

When you have waste you need to dispose of, you need to choose a waste management company that sorts and recycles your waste. We will introduce you to those companies, together with their contact information. Call them to pick up and dispose of your waste the right way.

Coliba Ghana


Coliba Ghana is a leading plastic waste recycling company focused on complete plastic recovery, collection, and recycling services, to help minimize the effect of plastic waste on the environment.

They have also helped provide jobs for many Ghanaians as well.

Location: Abeka Lapaz, adjacent NHIS office

Phone: 030 296 3207/ 020 856 3799

Email: [email protected]

Zoomlion Ghana

Since 2006, Zoomlion has been keeling Ghana clean. Their focus is to deliver total waste management solutions.

As members of the Environmental Services Providers Association of Ghana and the International Solid Waste Management Association, they have the platform to provide waste management solutions for waste collection, waste transfer, sorting, and recycling and disposal.

Location: Nmai Djorn, next to Ayensu river estate

Phone: 024 433 5140

Email: [email protected]

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Jekora Ventures Limited

Jekora Ventures is one of the best waste management companies in the country.

Their services include construction waste removal, electronic and garden waste removal. Others include cleaning, residential services, and recycling services.

Location: Kanfla Close, Asylum Down, Accra.

Phone: 028 967 3514


Let Ghana Foundation

Since 2016, Let Ghana Foundation took it upon itself to make use of plastic waste by recycling plastics into essential household items for use. Through a healthy environmental project, they have provided jobs for many.

Location: Plot 18, Madina Estate

Phone: 026 827 9530

Email: [email protected]

Dispose Green

Dispose Green is ready to connect you with a waste collector wherever you are. They offer pick-up services starting at GHS 20. The company recycles collect waste and provides you with waste bins.

All you need to do is to dial *714*60#. They have branches in Adenta, Ashaley Botwe, Airport, East Legon, Pantang, Osu, and Spintex.

Phone: 024 685 4804

Email: [email protected]

Eazy Waste Ghana

Eazy Waste Ghana is a fast-growing recycling and waste management company. They offer training and advocacy and collect waste for recycling. Eazy Waste says managing waste the right way is their priority.

Location: Pokuase

Phone: 026 262 6916/ 054 057 7785

Email: [email protected]

Borlaman Recycling

Borlaman recycling wants to “reduce environmental footprints, save resources, earn extra money, reduce landfills effect, foster sustainable growth” through recycling and waste management and ensure green earth.

Call them to come and collect and recycle waste at your wedding, funeral, birthday party e.t.c.

Location: Domeabra-Pokuase

Phone: 020 946 3390

Email: [email protected]

Electro Recycling Ghana Limited

Electro Recycling is a holistic recycling company whose mission is to promote sustainability, maintain a clean recycling process, and a “fair workspace with high-quality standards”.

Location: Oyarifa

Phone: 024 377 6026

Email: [email protected]

Nelplast Ghana Limited

Nelplast Ghana uses modern technology to recycle waste into useful household items and has employed thousands of Ghanaians.

Location: Plot 78, Ashaiman Katamansu

Phone: 030 970 973

Mobile: 024 132 4176

Email: [email protected]

Safisana Ghana Limited

Safisana has recycling plants that turn organic waste and fecal sludge into high-value products. They also offer services to governments, utilities, and food processing industries in Ghana.

Location: Adjei Kojo, Lashibi Road

Phone: 030 297 2380

Email: [email protected]


The above are the best recycling companies in the country and they have helped greatly with waste management and employment.

Before we call these companies to pick up waste, why don’t we learn the best way to manage waste and the best ways to keep our environments and country clean?

With keeping Ghana clean, we must do our part by not dumping rubbish on the ground or in gutters.

The government must also do its part by providing waste bins at vantage points in communities. In our homes, we need to sort our waste in order to save money and this makes it easier for recycling companies to do their work.

We can keep glass, plastic, and metal on different containers, allocate different containers for food items, and burn the rest. Burning paper, wood, clothe and the likes help you to save money.

Don’t dump your waste in that gutter in the middle of the night, it will cause pollution and mosquitoes will be glad to visit you at night. Dispose of waste the right way.

The public needs to be educated. People who pick up waste from homes should be given licenses so that they will not go and dispose them of anywhere they want.

Dispose off your waste the right way!

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