Best Places to Buy Land in Ghana  

One of the best investments you can make is to buy land, whatever the purpose of the purchase. And we believe that is why you are here. You are about to make a huge investment, and you want to know the best place to put down your bags. The Asetena team is here to help you choose.

People are building houses for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes every day. However, because of how rich Ghana is, there are still many places you can go to purchase land. We suggest you do it fast though, because it may be very difficult to obtain land for yourself in a few years.

It is already expensive to obtain one as it is.


We will get into why it is important to buy land in Ghana at the latter part of this article, but now, we will introduce you to the best place to buy land that suits the type of building you want to put up.


If you want to buy land where you can build a home, a bungalow, apartment, townhouse, or the likes, it is very easy to find one. It all depends on your budget and your preference of the region, vicinity, or ethnic affiliation you want to have.

Many individuals prefer the capital for numerous reasons such as motorable roads, good schools and hospitals, and many more. But hey! It’s all up to you to choose.

East Legon

East Legon, Ashaley Bostwe, Adjiringanor, Spintex, and its environs are all residential areas you can purchase land at. It is quite expensive, of course, considering the environment.

The vicinities are already developed, and amenities are available at your convenience. You can get land to purchase between GHS 130,000 and GHS 700,000 to purchase at East Legon and its environs.


Tema is also an awesome residential area. Lands in Tema are cheaper than those in East Legon, but it is also a good choice, given there are ready amenities like hospitals and clinics, schools, good roads, and more. You can purchase land in Tema between GHS 45,000 and GHS 700,000.

Amasaman and Pokuase

These areas are also good for residential purchases. These are areas that are still developing, but it is cheaper to get land there, and perhaps by the time you are done putting up your structure, everything else will be ready to meet your comfort.

With as little as GHS 20,000, you can purchase land in those areas.

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Aburi, Nsawam

Aburi has a Green environment, peace of mind, good lands for your garden, tourist destination. Eastern Region is a perfect place to put up residential buildings.

Other residential areas to buy land right now are Dodowa, Oyarifa, and Oyibi.


For business and commerce, you will need to purchase land in areas where the population is high or where people love to visit.

The capital, Accra, is a suitable place to buy lands for commercial purposes, but locations in the other regions are also good if you are targeting tourism and hospitality. Residential settlement in these areas is very difficult because of the high cost of living.

Ho, Hohoe, Kpando

We all know how beautiful the Volta region is, how it is bustling with activity, and the numerous tourist sites that are available there.

The Volta region is a civilized place. You can build hotels, banks, and other commercial buildings for your business, and it will flourish in no time. With GHS 25,000 to 40,000, you can get land to purchase in Ho and Hohoe, even cheaper at kpando, Anfoega, and its environs


Again, Tema is an idle place to purchase land for commercial purposes. Tema is huge, the population is large, and there are vast lands going for sale at good prices.

What do you want to build? A school? A company? Or hotel? Purchase land in Tema, Accra,


Kasoa is one of the busiest cities in Ghana and the best place to buy land to put commercial buildings. Get between GHS 100,000 to GHS 125,000 to purchase land at Kasoa.


Because of the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories, which sometimes pose a danger to the environment and people in it, industries go far away from the human populace.

So if you want to purchase land for this purpose, you have to choose a place that is a little further away from civilization. Below are the best areas to purchase land for industrial purposes.


With as little as GHS 100,000, you can buy land in Takoradi to build your industry or factory. Electrofax Engineering Services, Ghacem Limited, Southey Contracting Limited, and others are all industries located at Takoradi.


This city satisfies all purposes of buying land. It even has an industrial area. You can build your factory at Tema, live there, and grow your business there. Acquiring land isn’t very difficult if you have the money. Tema is in the capital as well.

Ningo Prampram

Ningo Prampram is good for both residential and industrial purposes. Lands here are relatively cheaper as well. This is one of the 21 districts in the Greater Accra region. It is in the capital too, meaning you have some advantage over the others.


Because of the harsh weather condition in this area, people do not like to reside here, but it is perfect for industrial settlement. The lands here are cheap as well. With GHS 25,000, you can purchase land at Tamale and its environs.


Buying land in Ghana is important. Whether you are already in the country or living abroad, it’s a huge investment, and in a few years, getting land may become a hefty task. Getting the best place to buy the land is just as important. Else you might regret it later.

Choosing the best place to buy land for your settlement should not be very difficult now. All you need to do is to make more inquiries and check out our article on how to buy land in Ghana. If you have further questions, please leave them in the comment box.

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