Best Massage and Spa Franchises in Accra

Are you stressed, and finding it hard to fall asleep at night? Does your back feel like it needs a mini tractor to walk over it to relieve you of the pain?

You need a professional masseuse with magic hands to help you relax. There are many massage service franchises in the capital. We will take you through the benefits of going for a massage regularly, but first, let’s look at the places you can visit, and their contact details.

Thai Massage Ghana

Location (s): East Legon- 020 433 7336


Inside West Hills Mall – 030 396 3178

Inside Achimota Mall – 030 291 7219

Pantita Thai Massage and Spa

Location: Labone, near GT bank

Phone: 024 186 1865/ 030 396 6498

Email: [email protected]

RIMA TheraTouch Ghana

Location: Asylum down, 29 mango tree avenue

Phone: 020 523 6213

Email: [email protected]

Royale Thai Massage

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Location: No. 15 trinity road, East Legon

Phone: 055 266 6039/ 050 185 1935

Email: [email protected]

Kays Wet Massage

Location: East Legon, Accra

Phone: 054 849 3270/ 057 536 6034

Email: [email protected]

Silver Orchid Spa

Location: Dr. Tagoe ave, Accra

Phone: 024 006 0892

Email: [email protected]

Elis Healing Home

Location: Kanda, adjacent to The Finder

Phone: 024 548 8027/ 020 810 0023

Email: [email protected]

Oak Wellness Hub

Location: East Legon, opposite CSIR park, American house

Phone: 055 555 2116/ 030 295 2434

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Nuru Massage

Location: Adjiringanor, behind Galaxy International School

Phone: 027 997 1155

Email: [email protected]

Spa, Body, and Beyond

Location: Adjiringanor, East Legon

Mob/Phone: 026 145 0200/ 030 276 6949

Orchid Thai Massage

Location: Dzorwulu residential area

Phone: 050 868 2339

Style 2 Massage Parlour

Location: Manet junction, Spintex road

Phone: 050 941 5281

Dinel Spa

Location: Trinity Seminary, Accra

Phone: 024 007 9807


Phone: 020 669 3425

i7 Therapeutics

Location: Awoshie, Accra

Phone: 055 247 3681

Dums Touch

Location: Achimota, Kingdom of hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Phone: 020 204 7626

HSI Orient Health and Wellness Center

Location: Dzorwulu Crescent

Phone: 024 218 7590

UDD Mobile Massage

Location: Second Otwee Street, Labadi

Phone: 055 081 8245

Chedar Wellness Center

Location: No. 10 Tabon loop, North Ridge

Phone: 055 871 8188

Every massage franchise has services they render. Wellness massage and medical massage treatments.

The popular types of wellness massage services that many of these franchises render;

  • Swedish massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot stone massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Thai massage
  • Chinese cupping
  • Relaxation massage

Medical massage treatments include;

  • Ankle sprain massage
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Hip joint pain
  • And more

Massage has many benefits. It helps reduce stress, increase relaxation, reduce pain and muscle soreness, and lower blood pressure. It is important to visit a massage therapist once in a few months.

Do not sit at home with your back pain. Back pains are usually caused by bad posture when sitting, your mattress can also cause your back pain. It also helps to keep one massage therapist who knows your body well enough.

The price of service differs from place to place but with as little as GHS 150, you can register and get massaged. What are you waiting for?

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