BECE Social Studies 100 Objectives Questions with Answers (PDF)

If you are preparing to write your BECE, here are some Some Social Studies objective questions you should review.

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Sample BECE Social Studies Questions

1. Which continent is Ghana located in?

a. Asia

b. Africa

c. South America

d. Europe

2. What is the capital city of Ghana?

a. Kumasi

b. Accra

c. Lagos

d. Nairobi

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3. Which of the following is NOT a natural resource found in Ghana?

a. Gold

b. Bauxite

c. Diamonds

d. Uranium

4. What is the main river system in Ghana?

a. River Nile

b. River Volta

c. River Congo

d. River Niger

5. Which of the following is a traditional festival celebrated in Ghana?

a. Diwali

b. Christmas

c. Hanukkah

d. Homowo

6. Who was the first President of Ghana?

a. Kwame Nkrumah

b. John Agyekum Kufuor

c. Jerry John Rawlings

d. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

7. What year did Ghana gain independence from British colonial rule?

a. 1950

b. 1957

c. 1960

d. 1963

8. Which nationalist movement played a significant role in Ghana’s struggle for independence?

a. United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC)

b. Convention People’s Party (CPP)

c. Ghana Congress Party (GCP)

d. National Democratic Congress (NDC)

9. Who was Yaa Asantewaa?

a. A Ghanaian queen mother

b. A Ghanaian playwright

c. A Ghanaian politician

d. A Ghanaian athlete

10. What is the significance of the Bond of 1844 in Ghana’s history?

a. It marked the beginning of British colonization

b. It granted Ghana independence

c. It established a new currency

d. It created a national holiday

11. What is the current system of government in Ghana?

a. Absolute monarchy

b. Parliamentary democracy

c. Military dictatorship

d. Presidential democracy

12. How many regions are there in Ghana?

a. 10

b. 12

c. 14

d. 16

13. What is the highest court in Ghana?

a. High Court

b. Court of Appeal

c. Supreme Court

d. District Court

14. Who is the head of the executive branch in Ghana?

a. The President

b. The Prime Minister

c. The Chief Justice

d. The Speaker of Parliament

15. What is the term length for a Member of Parliament in Ghana?

a. 2 years

b. 4 years

c. 6 years

d. 8 years

16. Which of the following is the largest ethnic group in Ghana?

a. Ewe

b. Ga

c. Akan

d. Mole-Dagbani

17. Which ocean borders Ghana to the south?

a. Indian Ocean

b. Pacific Ocean

c. Southern Ocean

d. Atlantic Ocean

18. Which of these countries does NOT share a border with Ghana?

a. Cote d’Ivoire

b. Togo

c. Nigeria

d. Burkina Faso

19. What is the primary language spoken in Ghana?

a. French

b. English

c. Swahili

d. Arabic

20. In which climate zone is Ghana primarily located?

a. Mediterranean

b. Tropical

c. Temperate

d. Polar

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