How to Apply and Get MTN Mobile Money Merchant Sim

Launched in 2009, Mtn’s mobile money business has been very lucrative for business owners, employees, and customers over the years.

People do not have to go to the banks for small transactions any longer. Now, one can buy airtime, withdraw money, send money, and pay bills through their wallet.

For business owners, they make commissions through transactions at the end of every month. With as little as GHS 6, 000 as startup capital, one can make more than GHS 1, 000 a month depending on how busy your location is, and your ability to meet the demand of your customers.


Sounds appealing does it not?

How to register for MTN Merchant SIM

Do you want to start your own mobile money business? Here’s what you should do to apply for MTN Mobile Money Merchant SIM:

  1. Own a limited company at a strategic location
  2. Initiate registration through your mobile phone
  3. Fill out application forms to get your merchant Sim

Own a limited company

Why is this important? Having a limited company will cushion you and your assets, should your business hit rock bottom, plus, it is a requirement. Situate this business at a place where people will be able to find you, preferably at a roadside, bus stop.

Register through your phone

Gone are the days when you need to go to an MTN office to initiate registration. Thanks to digitization, you can now register through your phone and later fill out forms at an Mtn office. Here’s how;

  • Dial *5051#
  • Select Register
  • Select your region and wait for a reference number to be sent to your phone.
  • After registration, an MTN agent will be sent to inspect your location.

NB: there should be a distance between you and your other business counterparts to be fair. Concrete frame structures and mobile money booths are considered the best commerce building/structures. Umbrellas will not be accepted because it is not considered safe enough for business.

Fill out application forms

The last step you need to follow to get your registered merchant Sim is to fill out two important forms.

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First is the merchant recruitment forms, which is made up of;

  • Business details. i.e., name of the business, type of business, etc.
  • Business location details
  • Business owners details
  • Bank details

Second, account handler form;

  • Column to be filled by an employee
  • Identification and relationship status of the agent
  • Residential address
  • More employer details
  • Answer 10 authentication questions

Last, you will be required to go through a 9 page Mtn terms and conditions. Should your application go through successfully without any faults, your merchant sim should be ready within 72 hours or less.

Mtn mobile money alone will fetch you some money, but as a business-minded person, it will not be wrong to chip in Vodafone cash, Airteltigo cash, and G-money. Selling credit cards and credit transfer accompanied by sim card sales and registration will also help boost your business.

Losses will come, fraudsters may get to you but it is important to always work diligently. Employ trusted people to work for you. 

MTN Mobile Money Commission

You should be able to make three different commissions from your business at the end of the month, minus credit card and transfer sales. One is cash in interest, which you get from sending money.

The 50p and 1% you take for sending money, then another cash in a commission that Mtn sends you every month for deposits. The third interest you make is for withdrawal. 

Should you work with GHS 7,000, you can make up to GHS 500 on your cash out commission, another GHS 500 on your cash in commission, and probably GHS 300 from MTN. Lucrative much? With this, you can employ someone and pay the person up to GHC400 a month.

Guess what? You get to pay the government through tax to help support health insurance and provide basic amenities for government schools. 

Who can be an MTN Mobile Money Merchant?

Who is eligible to do this kind of business? Almost everybody, as long as you’re good with money and calculations, you are good to go.

Unemployed graduates can venture into this business to get by before they get their dream jobs.

MTN Mobile Money Merchant Risk Factors

Risk factors or things that would threaten your business to failure include fraud, too much inventory, and overpayment. Fraudsters can steal your money in many ways, they can pretend to work for Mtn and can even hypnotize you into giving out all your assets.

Inventory in business is simply items you have bought to sell to customers.

Should your customers refuse to purchase these goods, your inventory piles up, for this reason, you should know what your customers want. Which credit cards do they buy the most? Which ones do they not buy? If I add something else to my business, will they patronize it?

When you balance someone more than you are supposed to, it is called an overpayment. Not everyone will return your money. You will make a loss.


As simple as it looks, you should make more inquiries from Mtn and/or other mobile money merchants and agents before your start and learn to roll over your profits within the first three to four months to increase your startup capital.

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