Akwaaba Magic on DSTV: Foreigners See Ghana Through a New Lens

Akwaaba Magic – “Welcome Home”

Akwaaba Magic is a 24-hour Ghanaian digital satellite and general entertainment channel owned by M-net.

A channel that gathers Ghana’s cultural nuances through dramas, telenovelas, music, documentaries, and reality television shows. It is Channel 150 on DSTV. It is a new addition to other Ghanaian television channels on DSTV.


The channel was launched in March this year and it is already airing shows like Dede, Roses, and Daggers, Inside Out, Sheroes, and more.

In 2020, multichoice was estimated to have 20.1 million viewers throughout Africa. 20.1 million people are seeing Ghana through Akwaaba Magic and other Ghanaian Television channels.

How They Are Supporting Ghanaian Filmmakers

They have already given the opportunity to Ghanaian producers and directors to work and bring out masterpieces, which is a great opportunity for them.

They also want to give opportunities to local and upcoming filmmakers to show the world what they can do. There are many Ghanaian actors and actresses we nearly forgot about, but here they are.

We have seen a few of them in the dramas so far.

What Should/Can be Aired?

The live broadcasting of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was aired on the channel a few months ago and that was laudable. music forms an integral part of Ghanaian culture and being able to sell our music to people from other African countries is a good thing.

It is easy to say that foreigners prefer our music to our movies and television shows. The struggle for the best music in Africa is between Ghana and Nigeria, so we will be doing ourselves good if we prioritize music.

We need to promote tourism through this new lens, and we can do that through the movies, reality shows, and music we display on the channel. Foreigners should have a reason to come to Ghana.

We need to show them what we have to offer, a tiny bit of it. That is why thought-provoking shows and commercials that display some of our tourist attractions are what we need to grab their attention.

Everyone loves pageantries. Who doesn’t love to see beautiful women display intelligence and poise? Women have a lot to give back to society. TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful and GH One’s Miss Malaika are typical examples of pageantries that should be aired on this new channel.

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Akwaaba Magic can come up with its pageantry that would grab the attention of viewers.

You can get a DSTV subscription today and start watching shows on Akwaaba Magic. The premium package costs GHS 360 a month. Compact plus is GHS 228 a month.

The compact package goes for GHS 152 a month and the Ghana family pack goes for only GHS 86. There is always a package to suit your budget. If you can’t afford a DSTV subscription, you can download the Showmax application to watch and download shows you would like to watch.

Akwaaba Magic says you are welcome home. Enjoy Ghanaian movies, television shows, and music on Akwaaba Magic today. Spread the good news.

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