Akosombo International School: Admission, Fees, Prospectus & More

Ghana can be talked of as one of the best African countries in terms of education and educational facilities in the West African Sub-region.

In the olden days, Government-owned schools were the most attended schools in the country. But, now all the private schools have began to dominate the academic scene in the country.

If you come across 10 schools in Ghana, there is a higher likelihood of you seeing 4 private schools. All these private schools are established mainly to help parents who want extra care and tuition for their kids more than what the Government institutions provide.


Akosombo International School (popularly known as AIS) has been one of the most talked-about private institutions in Ghana.

Although it is located outside the capital, Accra, AIS has performed very well to be recognized as one of the best in the country.

In this article, we are going to give you all the information you need to know about Akosombo International School.

Brief History of Akosombo International School

AIS was established in 1962 to provide education and educational facilities at the kindergarten and primary levels for the children of the Akosombo dam constructors.

The establishment of the school was for the children to be enrolled in school while their parents were at work constructing the dam.

When the school started in 1962, out of the 140 enrolled students, only 28 of them were Ghanaians; representing 20% of the total enrolled students.

The remaining students came from Italy, the USA, the UK, Australia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, and Brazil. Interestingly, all these foreigners received tuition from Akosombo International School that enabled them to write exams in their respective countries.

After the completion of the Akosombo Dam in 1966, all the foreign workers had to move back to their respective countries of origin. As a result, the school was now opened to all children whose parent(s) worked at the Volta River Authority (V.R.A).

In 1966, a secondary education department was added to the already existing nursery and primary schools. After that, additional facilities were added to accommodate students who wished to stay at the boarding houses.

Akosombo International School Admission Process and Entry Requirements

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Akosombo International School’s Senior High School department admits students to only S.H.S 1. This means that only those who have completed the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and have passed the AIS entrance exam can be admitted into SHS 1 at AIS.

The registration fee for the application is GHS 250, no matter the course you wish to study; whether business, general arts, general science, visual arts, or home economics.

After you have gathered the money and you meet the requirements, you then need to proceed to any Zenith Bank Ghana branch and purchase the admissions form at a cool GHS 250. After purchasing the admissions voucher, you then have to proceed to vraschools.online to proceed with the registration.

Next, you will be given a date for the entrance exam. The place you choose will depend on your location and basically, the exam is written at the following locations:

  • Accra High School, Accra
  • Chemu Senior High School, Tema
  • Akosombo International School Assembly Hall, Akosombo

The candidate is also required to attach his/her passport size photo to the e-forms for identification.

Finally, the elective courses of the candidate’s choice must also, be indicated on the e-forms.

Akosombo International School Curriculum and Syllabus

Just like all other basic schools in Ghana, Akosombo International School’s Junior High School students use the Ghana Educational Service’s syllabus and the students are prepared for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E).

Also, those in the Senior High School are trained and prepared for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Additionally, SHS students who have plans for studying abroad can also enroll in the part-time training for the University of Cambridge Overseas School Certificate ‘O’ Level Examination as well as the SAT.

Akosombo International School Co-Curricular Activities

Aside from the academic curriculum, AIS also has co-curricular activities that are available to build the student’s innate potentials and talents.

There are games for the entire students. This includes football, volleyball, badminton, hockey, table tennis, basketball, handball, swimming, etc.

There are also clubs and societies that students are free to join. Some of the clubs and societies include school band and choir, drama club, geographical club, debaters club, science & maths club, wildlife club, etc.

Akosombo International School Academic Fees

For some reasons, the Academic fees of Akosombo International school is not made public by the school. But according to sources, the school fees for the Basic and Secondary schools are around GHS 2,000 – GHS 3,000.

Akosombo International School Prospectus

The table below shows the prospectus containing the items that the students are supposed to bring.

QuantityDescriptions Of Items
1Suitcase and 1 thin trunk
2Coloured bedsheet with a pillowcase
2Pair brown sandals for school
6Handkerchiefs (white)
1Local broom for sweeping
UnspecifiedSponge, soap, pomade, comb, brush
UnspecifiedNeedle workbox containing a pair of scissors, threads, thimble, needles
1Pair of canvas shoes (for P.E)
2Night wears
3Swimming trunks/costumes
1Bucket (metal)
1Toilet set: underwear (cotton), toothpaste, towels, bathroom slippers, etc
1Electric iron (3 pin-plug)
1Cutlass (old/new must be sharpened)
2Kitchen napkins
2Dusters (e.g. car duster)

The following items will be provided by the school upon admission and payment of school fees.

  • 1 set of P.E kits
  • 2 pairs of navy blue trousers (boys)
  • 1 student foam mattress
  • 1 yellow ceremonial attire
  • 2 bed sheets (white) with 2 pillowcases
  • 1 school vest
  • 1 set of home jersey
  • 1 tracksuit
  • 2 sets of school uniforms
  • 2 Friday wear

Akosombo International School Contact Information

For clarity, you can contact the school administrators themselves via the following means:

Location: AIS Akosombo and Akuse

Telephone: 0343020400

Email: [email protected]


In summary, this article has explained to you everything you need to know about Akosombo International School. With this complete guide, you should be able to have basic knowledge about the school and its operations.

If you are still unclear or you have questions, write them in the comments section below and I will make sure to attend to you in the shortest possible time.

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