5 Best Vodafone Bundles

Vodafone has been serving Ghanaians with nothing but the best and reliable services and as of January 2020, it is representing 13.81 percent of Ghanaian stock shares.

The debate about which telecom network has the best bundle offers can go on and on but it is quite evident that Vodafone has one of the best offers out there. They are less expensive and last longer. Who doesn’t like to browse and surf the internet at a low cost?

Below are the shortcodes for the best internet bundles on Vodafone.

  • Special Offer Bundles

Buy this bundle with as little as GHS 2.00 to browse for 24hours. This bundle only expires after 24 hours and you can only buy it through Vodafone cash. Get a Vodafone cash account and start enjoying this bundle offer?

  • Dial *110# and send
  • Enter the number 3 for airtime and data
  • Enter 3 for Special Offers
  • Select to buy for yourself or someone else
  • From three options, select the amount you will like to buy
  • Made4Me Offer

Vodafone made for me offer is reclusive to prepaid customers only. The offers usually change with these bundle options especially if you are a new user. You can buy 5 GB of data for GHS 5 and use it for 4 days, or purchase 400Mb for GHS 2 and use it for a day. This bundle offer is very good because it lasts long. 

  • Dial *530# 
  • Select the bundle offer you prefer
  • SMS bundles

If you send messages through SMS a lot, this bundle offer is definitely for you. You can now bundle SMS packages to send as many messages as you want for as little as 50p. It comes with Super and Supreme packs. With the Super pack, you can enjoy up to 21 text messages to any local network for 7 days at 50p only! Supreme Pack allows you to send 155 messages to any network at GHS 5 for 30 days.

  • Dial *700# and send
  • Enter 5( SMS packs)
  • Select the bundle of your choice
  • Red Bundles

Vodafone Red bundles is a mash-up type of bundle that gives voice and data bundles for on-net and odd-net voice allowance with no expiry, 24 hours, 3,7, and 30 days validity, all at low cost. 

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  • Dial *200# and send
  • Select 1(red bundles)
  • Choose the package of your choice
  • Showtime Bundles

This bundle offer is currently unavailable, but it used to be the best bundle offer, perhaps that is why it has been disabled. With the Showtime bundle, you can buy bundle for GHS5 and use it for one whole week, no matter what you did with your internet, it stayed for one whole week. Watch Netflix, update your computer, browse 24/7, it stayed. You could also purchase it at GHS20 and use it for a whole month!

  • *900#
  • Choose 5(Showtime bundle)
  • Select pack
  • Connect to any VPN and browse

Vodafone has many other bundle  offers you can buy, but the above are bundles that give you value for your money. Sometimes you can purchase bundle offers at GHS 50 and more and it will only last you 2 to 3 days. Is not better to get more for less cash?

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