2022 BECE Results: How to upgrade results

Just some few days ago, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) released the results of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), one of the most important exams in the West African region. The results of this exam are a key indicator of the quality of education in the region and can greatly influence the future of the students who sit for it.

The results of the 2022 BECE is generally getting impressive and the students who sat for the exam are receiving their congratulations messages one after the other for their hard work and dedication. However, some students have asked if it is possible to upgrade their results for the 2022 BECE.

About BECE

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is a standardized test that serves as an academic evaluation of Primary and Junior High School education received by students. It is also used to assess students’ academic preparedness for Senior High School in Ghana. The exam scores are used to determine a student’s placement in the Senior High School.


What is results upgrade?

In Ghana, when BECE results are released, you mostly see several platforms advertising about results upgrade. What this means is, paying money to an unknown person to increase your grades (eg. Upgrading from Grade C-6 to A-1 mostly in core subjects such as mathematics, Integrated Science, etc.

Is results upgrade real?

BECE results upgrade is false. It is never real. There is no way to modify your BECE results after they have been graded. When you feel your results have been altered after grading, you can request for review for your results to be checked and even for that, it is a 50/50 request as it can be either approved or not.

To do that, you also need to go through a stern process. Students should, therefore, put in as much time as possible before taking the BECE to ensure the greatest possible performance.

How to improve your BECE results

Results upgrade advertised on various social media platforms that promise you of instant increase in your grades are all scam. However, if you feel you don’t deserve the results given to you, there are other ways to follow to get some goods results.

1. Rewriting BECE exams

Rewriting BECE again is possible. There are several private schools who offer remedial classes and registers students for BECE exams. You can also attend JHS again from JHS 3 after accessing yourself and knowing you are well fit for another round.

BECE private exams is also available to write. Prepare yourself, write the exams again and get yourself good grades to replace the bad one you previously got.

2. Applying for remarking/review

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If you feel you wrote the exams well but had an undeserving grade, you can request for a review or remarking through the institution you wrote the exams at. Contact the school headteacher, explain your appeal and he/she will lead you to make appeal for remarking to WAEC.

What is the pass mark for BECE?

Per the new system put in place by the Ghana Education Service, there is no cut-off point for BECE. Previously, it was an aggregate of 25. Although the results released each year are graded from 1 to 9 per subject, the school placement is done using the candidate’s raw score.

Final words

WAEC frequently issues warnings to parents and candidates to be careful of scammers who, for a price, claim they can improve outcomes. Candidates should know that their WAEC scores are protected and verifiable. It is not possible to upgrade BECE results, all advertisements claiming to upgrade BECE results are false or fake.

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