12 Nice Places to Visit For a Photoshoot in Ghana

What makes a photograph breathtaking and unique? The experience of the photographer, the environment, and his editing skills.

You can get creative everywhere, even in your room, but with a little push from mother nature and a beautiful environment, you can make magic! There are many places you can visit for a photoshoot session here in Ghana.

Three hundred fifty miles of tropical coastline, large vegetation, sophisticated modern architectures, and a dynamic climate. What more do you need to create magic that will melt the heart of millions of people?


Ghana is absolutely beautiful; you probably wouldn’t know until you step out of the concrete jungle, Accra; that is why we carefully selected 12 amazing places you can visit for that long-awaited photoshoot session.

The following are our crème de la crème,

Axim Beach Resort, Western Region

What is a photo shoot without an oasis covered with palm and surrounded by clean beaches? Axim Beach Resort is the place for all your portraits, intimate and sunset photoshoots.

The place is surrounded by greenery and beautiful shores.

Kosa beach resort in the central region, Sogakope beach and Paps beach camp in the volta region, Bojo Beach in the Greater Accra Region, and Loumoon beach in the Western region are also places you can visit to take spectacular beach shots.

Botanical Gardens at Aburi, Eastern Region

You will get 64 acres of beautiful greenery, 100-year-old trees, unique sculptures, and more to take breathtaking photos of.

Take shots under the palm tree avenue to make your friends think you travelled to California, and do you know how different and beautiful the gardens look when the weather forms to rain? It is possible to see lightning close.

Imagine being in the garden at the right time to snap pictures with lightning? If you are brave enough! Perfect for pre-wedding photoshoots, maternity photoshoots, and more. Legon botanical gardens in Accra can also serve the same purpose.

Wli/ Boti waterfalls

Fun fact, Wli is the highest waterfall in Ghana and the tallest in West Africa. 80m of a majestic force of water, raining down between lush greenery. Be it a fashion photoshoot, environmental or intimate photoshoot, Wli waterfall is the place to be.

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Agomatsa Wli waterfall is so beautiful, and when you are lucky enough, you can catch an arc of rainbow hitting the lower fall at Wli. Boti falls at Koforidua is just as beautiful, with unique sculptures and Umbrella rock.

Nzulezu Village

You can take fascinating landscape photos on your way to the stilt village, Nzulezu, on lake amansuri. Then when you get to the village itself, you will see colourful wooden buildings on the surface of the water.

Imagine how creative you can be at the top of a floating village, when the sun sets, or when it rises, or when the weather forms to rain.

Mole and Kakum national parks

A photoshoot is not only when a photographer takes photos of models and famous people. There is also wildlife photography. If you are into that, then Mole national park in the Savannah region of Ghana is the place to be.

4840km² of a wildlife refuge and woodland beauty. It is also perfect for landscape photography. Remember, don’t be narcissistic, trying to pose with wild animals. Kakum national park is just as beautiful. If you are brave enough to pose on the canopy walk for a photo, why not?!

Shai Hills

Friendly monkeys, breathtaking green plains, mountains, rocks, and hilltop luxury await you. A good camera is all you need. And before you ask, no! You can’t go about posing with the monkeys.

Shai Hills is perfect for landscape and environmental photography. The little camping area on the hills is perfect for other types of photoshoots.

The Royal Senchi Resort Hotel, Akosombo

The Royal Senchi Resort Hotel is a 4-star hotel with 35 acres of “lush greenery and magnificent view of the Volta river.” You can get creative at the pool surrounded by palm trees, on a boat ride on the Volta river, or at the dining area built around a tree.

Afrikiko riverfront resort is also a perfect place to visit for photoshoots.

Mountain Paradise, Volta Region

Mountain Paradise is a beautiful mountainous area with its waterfall. Apart from getting creative with your photography skills, you can also go hiking, camping, and biking. Watch the mountains meet the clouds and get sunkissed.

Tengzug Shrine, Bolgatanga

Yes, you read that right. Tenzug is a shrine at Bolga, known to have been the hiding place of the indigenes from their slave masters in the past. A hub of beautiful artefacts, culture, and sacred beliefs, with caves and strange figurines. 

I don’t know about posing for a model photoshoot here, but you can take photos of the place, the artifacts, and rock forms with the permission of the indigenes and ritualists(mouthpiece of the gods). Photographs you can use in newspapers, magazines, articles.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Become patriotic while being creative at the memorial grounds of Ghana’s first president and liberator.

Black Star Square

Be your most creative self every August at Jamestown in Accra during the Chalewote festival of art, music, and dance.


You can always set up your studio hall for photoshoots, portraits especially. Still, when you need to step out of your comfort zone, meet nature, capture wildlife the landscapes, and generally be “creative,” these locations are the places to be.

These places are tourist attractions and do not serve the purpose of photography only; these are places you can visit to relax, release stress and enjoy yourself. 

Be sure to visit any of the places above and share your images with Asetena.com.

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