12 Delicious Ghanaian Local Dishes You Should Try

You are here probably as a foreigner or a researcher who wants to know what delicious meals Ghanaians have to offer. Because a typical Ghanaian already knows and has tasted a variety of these dishes. One secret I can give you is that Ghanaians love spicy food. Foods with so much heat to make them sweat.

Below are 12 delicious and mouth-watering dishes you should try. Dishes you will try and come back for more especially if you love ‘spicy’, I can’t emphasize that enough. These meals are prepared and spiced with locally grown produce and spices to meet the taste of every individual, Ghanaian or not. After reading this article, you should go on and try any of the dishes, come back later, and comment on your favorite.


The first food on the list is Fufu or Foofuo, this meal is enjoyed by every Ghanaian, especially those from the Ashanti, Eastern, Western, and Bono regions of Ghana. It is prepared with Cassava and Plantain, pounded together to achieve a sticky, thick, and soft consistency. Nigerians also enjoy fufu as well, even though they prepare theirs with Yam. Some people from the Volta region of Ghana also prefer their fufu using yams. Fufu is usually served with light soup and goat or cow meat, or fish. Some people also enjoy it with palm nut or groundnut soup. The light soup is prepared with tomatoes, pepper, and other essential spices.


Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is originally a Senegalese dish but is enjoyed by neighboring West African countries, Ghana is one of them. As the name suggests, the meal is prepared with rice. Either local or perfumed rice. Rice cooked in tomatoes stew. Many Ghanaian enjoy it, especially the younger generation and foreigners. Jollof rice can be served and garnished with chicken, goat meat, vegetables, and a chilled bottle of coca-cola or any soft drink of your choice.


This is a people’s favorite. Every Ghanaian eats Banku. Banku can be prepared with Cassava dough and cornflour or corn dough mixed and cooked into a thick paste that can be served with hot pepper and tilapia, soup, or even stew. It is easy to prepare. You can not eat banku alone, it is important to always eat it with any of the other side dishes named above.


This is quite similar to Banku but is prepared only with cornflour. For some people, especially those from the Volta Region of Ghana, it tastes way better. As the author of this article, I especially enjoy Akple better than Banku. It is, even more, easier to prepare, it has this corn smell to it, it is not sticky and is enjoyed with ayoyo leave soup or pepper. You can prepare your soup with any meat or fish of your choice. Cow, goat, beef, any meat of your choice.


Also known as “face the wall”, kokonte is also a people’s favorite. It is prepared with dried cassava flour. Cooked into a thick and sticky paste. Some people enjoy it with pepper, others with groundnut or palm nut soup. Again, any choice of meat goes with it. It is almost evident that Ghanaians love foods made with flour or fermented cassava or corn dough.

Boiled Yam or Plantain

As its name suggests, this is a meal of boiled yam or plantain(ripe or unripe) that is served with taro leaves, also known as kontomire leaves stew, egg stew, or garden eggs stew. Garnished with eggs, fish, or meat. Very easy to cook and tastes amazing.


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Another meal that is cooked by mixing fermented corn dough into soft paste wrapped in corn husks and served with hot petite belle pepper and fish, shrimp or octopus. Typically enjoyed by people in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Some people even like their kenkey with Okro soup and meat. It all depends on what they deem tasty and healthy.


Waakye is a mixer of rice and beans boiled with dried red sorghum leaves and effervescent additives like potash, or what we called Kanwu in our local language. This meal is very delicious and served with stew. It can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, anytime.

Beans (red-red)

Red-red is made with boiled beans. It is served by mixing the beans with gari( cassava granules), red oil. It is then garnished with fried ripe plantain. This meal is enriched with protein which is good, especially for children to help with their body development. Red-red can be eaten as breakfast or lunch.


Enjoyed mostly by the people from the volta region of Ghana, this means is made with palm nut soup and flour, it is very delicious and dry, because of its dryness, you are able to drink a lot of water. It is garnished with eggs or craps. Very nutritious and tasty.


Last on the list, is Tuozaafi, a dish that is typically enjoyed by people from northern Ghana. Made with maize or millet flour into a thick and sticky paste, serve with ayoyo leave soup. Potash, is used as a thickener in the soup to make it slimy and delicious.

This is how best I can describe these foods to you. You wouldn’t know until you have a taste to confirm their deliciousness. These meals are very nutritious, with different vitamins and minerals. Some people say that you wouldn’t need to take vitamin supplements to gain weight and look healthy, all you need is to eat Ghanaian food.

Make sure to try some of these goods, bursting with so much flavor.

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