10 Signs That Shows a Lady is Wife Material

Every lady can make a good girlfriend, but not every lady can make a good wife. Even the holy book says an excellent wife is her husband’s crown. Finding someone like that cannot be easy, considering many women, ,are not ready to submit to their men for one reason or the other.

You are here because you want to know what qualities make up a wife material, what to look out for when you want to choose such a woman, or learn about these qualities and how to cultivate them as a woman.

The ten signs that show a woman is ripe for marriage are below. In the latter part of this article, we will explain why it is essential to cultivate these qualities before entering into marriage.

God Fearing


If you are a religious person, or even if you are not, a woman who fears God will definitely make a good wife.

Anyone who has drawn close to God has accomplished something great even though we are thought that God’s commandments and paths are not burdensome, they can only be difficult at a point. any woman who has held on to her faith and shown loyal love to God is worth it.

It shows that she has learned many things about being a good wife and a good person. She uses the Bible to guide her path into making knowledgeable decisions. She will be a blessing to you and your home, and hence, a God-fearing woman makes the list.

Good Attributes

A wife material possesses specific attributes such as respectfulness, tolerance, and humbleness, and they all work hand in hand. A woman who respects you is humble. She will consider your feelings, listen to you, and be submissive in all ways that she can be.

These attributes will be made clear to people around you. Your friends and family will notice. A woman who shows she respects you only when she is in front of other people is not someone you should marry.

Everyone has their flaws; she can respect you but may not tolerate you all the time. That may be her flaw, but if she is ready to listen and make changes when she has to, she is the one you should be with for a long time.

You Are Attracted to Her

This attraction goes all round, not only physically. You are attracted to how a wife material thinks, what she does, and her strength. You understand her and all the depths she may have.

Many people say that it is not necessary to consider, considering how easy it can be to get attracted to your woman, especially physically. But it is essential.

It is possible to be attracted to the way someone thinks, and it is called sapiosexuality.

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She is a Homemaker

A homemaker is a woman who can cook delicious and healthy meals for her family, keep her surroundings clean, and possess good management skills.

A woman who is not a wife material will drain you financially by purchasing items that are not needed. she will constantly nag about not being showered with gifts or shower herself with gifts when she is supposed to manage her money.

A natural homemaker will come up with ideas to make your house a home and will impress you while doing it.

You will see this from how she neatly packs and arranges items whenever she visits you. She advices you on how to manage your finances, among others.

She is Matured

Wife material is a mature and emotionally intelligent young lady. It has to do with how she takes the news that may not be good, how she reacts to specific comments from people, what she thinks about people and how she treats them.

A mature woman does not pick up small fights or look for ways to nag to get your attention, and she will not tolerate it if you do that either.

If you even try to avoid a mature woman for unnecessary reasons, you may lose her because she will not chase you. Do not forget that she is emotionally intelligent.

This is the type of woman you want as a wife; not only will she challenge you as a person to be better, she will make you proud to have her.


Many people believe that a hardworking woman is an independent woman who will not listen to anything her man says because she makes her own money. the truth is, independence has nothing to do with being disrespectful; it means being supportive.

Wife material is a woman who works hard to support you in taking care of your home.

You shower her with gifts, and she reciprocates the gesture. If you are going through hardship, she supports you with all has saved because she is financially sound.

People also prefer to marry a woman who is not working, a housewife, which is also a good preference, but a woman who works will make your home happy.

She Advices You

A wife material will tell you as it is, only respectfully. A woman who loves you will advise you because she believes in you.

She is aware that communication is one of the keys to a successful long-term relationship, so she will talk to you and advise you. She opens up to you so much that you are not scared to speak to her when you may have issues with anything.

They say the truth hurts, but her fact will never hurt you because you are eager to hear It. That is wife material. Also, she doesn’t only advise you, she listens to you, and she pays attention to you.

She Knows your Love Language

A wife material knows your love language or languages and explores them to your and her advantage.

What is your love language? Is it quality time, physical touch, or words of affirmation? Whatever works for you, you won’t have to tell her; an emotionally intelligent woman will know this and use it to learn how to love you better.

A wife material wants to love you the right way, and she will find every way. If your love language is quality time, she will make time for you outside her busy schedule. If she may be too busy, she will let you know and make it up to you.

She is Kind

A kind and empathetic woman to you and others is wife material because she is basically not a psychopath.

Psychopaths who do not consider other people’s feelings and people who are not kind and considerate are not good people to be with.

Marry a woman who shows signs of kindness everywhere she goes. A warm woman in nature and makes good decisions despite her need to be empathetic.

She is Sweet

Nothing beats a sweet woman. Usually, men are the ones who are always trying to woo their women with sweet words. Still, women can equally do this, and a woman who shoots sweet words at you every now and then is a keeper.

Your heart is always whole around her, and you are at peace. A sweet woman makes a good wife.

Deciding whether she is a wife material or not has been made easier for you now.

Cultivating the above qualities before entering into marriage as a woman will help you live happily with your husband and the people around you. It will save you from unnecessary criticism and make you a better person to be with.

Marriage is a long way for small talk and childish behaviors. Learn while you can.

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