10 Good Businesses you can do with Your NSS Allowance

Are you doing your one-year mandatory national service and thinking about investing your GHS 559 allowance into a small but lucrative business?

Many people may say that this amount is not large enough to start a business, but that is not true. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We will give you ten business ideas to help you make enough profits.

If you think you will be able to save up all the allowance till the end of the year, you will have GHS 6,700. There are hundreds of jobs you can start with that money, but it can be unlikely to be able to save up all your allowance, so we will only introduce you to jobs you can start with GHS 559. You can keep investing as time goes on.

Indomie Business


The street food business is seriously lucrative, depending on where you locate your business. With just GHS 500, you can start selling indomie, spaghetti, and tea in the evenings, a few hours after you close from work.

You need to draw a business plan, buy the necessary things you need to start, and continue investing as time goes on.

Fruit Mix Business

You can also start a fruit mix business with your NSS allowance.

Buy different types of fruits, cut them into a salad and package them properly, and deliver it to workers in banks, students in schools, and even busy workers like hairdressers and building constructors.

This business is lucrative, and you will make just enough profits as time goes on.

Pop Corn Business

You can get a popcorn machine for GHS 400 and the rest of the money you can use to buy kennels, oil, sugar, salt, and more.

You can then start your little popcorn business, and it is that easy. Your only issue may be the strategic location you will need to attract customers. Still, you can also make popcorn in bulk and deliver it to various mini markets and provision shops.

House Cleaning Services

You can start a house cleaning business. All you need to buy are a few cleaning tools, and some you will even be provided with at the homes, schools, or offices you will be cleaning.

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You can start this even without the GHS 500 capital and do it when you return from work. You can print flyers and handbills and distribute them to reach a large audience.

Jewelry and Beads

This is also a very lucrative business you can do with small capital in Ghana. You have to buy beads and create beautiful jewelry for hands, wrists, ankles, and necklaces.

You can make them in bulk and sell them through other people’s gift shops, hairdressing shops, and clothing boutiques. You can sell them online as well. This requires a little talent in art and jewelry making, though.


This may sound weird to you, especially if you are working in the capital, but farming can be very lucrative, even if it is a tiny garden behind your house. Seeds are not expensive, and there are numerous places you can buy them from. We have articles on where to buy seeds in Ghana.

Once your products are ripe, you can even sell them to market women directly, consume some and even share some. For people doing their national service in rural areas, this is a good business idea for you. You can engage in crop farming or snail farming.

Catering Services

Perhaps you are a good cook but don’t want to invest in a restaurant because it will be too hectic for you at the moment. You can distribute flyers or create a business page on all social media platforms indicating that you are a caterer.

You will suggest that you can cook at home and have it delivered to your clients or go to their homes and cook for them.

Usually, your client pays you even before you provide their food, so the only thing you will have to invest is your time and maybe some essential cooking utensils. You can also prepare finger foods such as Samosa and Spring rolls and have them delivered to your customers.

Buy and Sell Fresh or Dried Fish

With GHS 500 or less, you can start a fish-mongering business. If it is dried fish you want to buy and sell, you can visit the Adabraka market in Accra to purchase or visit the fishing harbor for fresh fish.

Your only issue may be the preservation, but if you have a working freezer at home, preserving fresh fish should not be a problem. You can also organize a makeshift fish smoking house to help preserve your fish.

Make Wooden Craft

If you are a crafty person, you can make beautiful works of art using wood or other materials and sell them online.

The only thing you will need to invest in is wood, knives, sandpaper, and other essentials, and maybe pay to advertise your products.

Sell Kelewele

Ghanaians love street foods, and kelewele is no exception. No matter where you sell it, they will buy. With as little as GHS 500, you can start a kelewele business right before your home, which is lucrative.

We chose these businesses because they are jobs you can do together with your mandatory one-year national service.

They are more like side hustles. You can make money, spend some and save some. Make the decision to start a business with your NSS allowance today.

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