Editorial: Will NABCO Pay December Stipends from this Week after November Payments?

The NABCO December Stipend has delayed for way too long. At this point, a lot of people are even “relaxed” to receive both December and January at a goal of GHS 1400.

NABCO officially released a message that the payments of the “monthly stipends” will start after they have verified all e-zwich details.

However, a lot of people are seeing this as more delay tactics from NABCO.


To put things in context, is NABCO trying to say when they paid the November 2018 stipend, they had not verified the ezwich numbers?

If they did not verify these numbers, how then were they (NABCO) able to cross check the numbers and find out that some of these numbers were actually wrong.

If NABCO did not verify the numbers, then how did they find out all the people who were working at the other sectors and had applied to NABCO too.

And one more important question, what is the verification process.

Is NABCO really verifying e-zwich numbers?

To do a little bit of English, verify is defined as “to make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified”.

From the payment of November Stipend, NABCO already knows all of the correct ezwich numbers, there is nothing really to verify in the aspect of ezwich.

However, what makes sense, could be that NABCO is verifying the names of those who have been posted and are working.

This is because the NABCO app, which was supposed to do is became a white elephant shortly after launch, plaqued with lots of bugs which have still not been fixed.

Therefore, the data from the app, if any, is nothing to go by.

So when exactly is NABCO paying December Stipend?

To be fair and honest, no official statement from NABCO has given an actual date, and the sources who have been providing information have been tight-lipped.

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However, it is good to apply logic in situations like this.

A lot of the people who were been owed November Stipend have already started receiving messages. Although some of these people have claimed that the money has not reflected in their accounts yet, it is safe to assume that this is just a matter of transfer and it would be done soon.

As we had said earlier that the November arrears will be paid first, then the December Stipend will follow, we can only hope that the December stipend follow through from the 21st to 25th of January 2019.

Remember, NABCO has still not given any official date on this.

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