Where to Find Land for Sale in Ghana

Acquiring a property in Ghana nowadays is not easy because many people have come to know the importance of this investment.

Either the land you have spotted has been taken, the paper works surrounding it are not legitimate, or the land itself belongs to the wrong person.

The hustle and bustle around acquiring land is a lot. We have a comprehensive article on buying land with no problems at all. Click HERE to read.


Lands are getting scarce by the day, but you can acquire land almost anywhere in Ghana through the right companies, processes, and links.

You can find lands for sale in Ghana for different purposes, including commercial, residential and industrial, in strategic locations in the country. Do well to check our articles on finding the best places to buy land in Ghana.

Below are three intermediaries through which you can get land to buy at the desired location.

Through Trusted Real Estate Companies

When people hear about real estate companies, they assume that all these companies build houses to form estates and sell or rent each of these houses to people to profit. That is true, but their services are not only limited to this.

These companies have lands in their names that they are willing to sell to you. KAS Estates, Regimanuel Grey Estates, Devtraco, Castle Gate Estates, and Manet Group are a few such real estate companies.

They have lists of lands located in different parts of the country. Doing business with these companies is safer and more legitimate.

They help you put together the proper paperwork to guide your land, allow you to pay deposits, and even help you with building materials, all at reasonable prices. To find land to buy in Ghana, Real estate companies are your best bet.

Through the Internet

Thanks to modernization, you can now see a photo of land, the price, and its location on the internet. All you need is to search.

There are a few trusted websites that take on this service. Meqasa, Locanto, and Ghana Properties Center are a few such websites that provide a listing of legitimately available lands in different parts of Ghana.

Some of these websites even allow you to list your properties for sale, and no payments are made on the websites. When you see land you want, you need to contact the owner, go with them to see the land and go through the necessary processes to acquire it.

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In the articles we have inserted at the beginning of this article, we talk about the process you need to go through with your landowner. Please don’t allow yourself to be duped because you desperately want to own land, and you are advised to go about it the right way.

Through the Traditional Method

The traditional method is also simple. It involves getting land to buy through a friend or family. Many people have inherited lands from their parents or grandparents and are willing to sell some or all of them.

To get to know these people, you need to ask around. You will find land, and even lands have the indication ‘for sale’ on them.

The only disadvantage is that the land may not be located in the place you want. After you contact the landowner, you need to visit the site with a licensed surveyor to pick the boundaries and coordination of the land.

You will then need to conduct an official search at the lands registry to confirm ownership of the land, and the procedure to follow to acquire a legitimate land goes on and on. All you need is the right paperwork supporting the land, and you are good to go.


Everyone and the method would like to use in finding land that is for sale in Ghana. Still, one of the best ways is to contact the real estate companies, they work more legitimately, and there is always someone to hold responsible in case of any mishap.

The traditional method and search through the internet are not bad options either, and it will all depend on how serious you are about acquiring the property. You must go through the right procedure to buy land in Ghana, and it is imperative.

The importance of acquiring property in Ghana cannot be overemphasized. You will have a roof over your head for a long time without having to worry about paying rent every month or moving from place to place because your rent is too expensive or the living conditions are poor.

You can sell this land later, build on it and rent it to others, or use it for commercial or industrial purposes; however, you need to do it the right way. Buy legitimate lands only and do so through the right mediums.

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