Use the NABCO App to Clock in and out to avoid Problems

NABCO has brought a new version of the NABC app so that people don’t “cheat the system”.

To ensure that the core values of NABCO are achieved i.e. Knowledge, Punctuality and Integrity (KPI), the mobile application would be used by NABCO Trainees to improve the monitoring and evaluation processes at NABCO Secretariat.

How to download the Official NABCO App


The new version of the NABCO App is now available on both Android and iOS


To download the latest version of the NABCO App, it is advisable to do so from the play store. Click here to download the latest version now.


Fortunately, the app is now available on iOS. To download the app on your iPhone, click here.

How to Use the NABCO APP

Clock-In and Clock-Out at Work

It is mandatory for NABCO Trainees to be Punctual at work. This feature will be used to track attendance of Trainees by using the specified coordinates of the agency a NABCO Trainee has been assigned to.

Training Courses

It is mandatory for NABCO Trainees to enrol in training courses in their skills development. A specific number of courses are to be taken within the course of the month of assessment.

Report Submission

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It is mandatory for NABCO trainees to complete the periodic status report on their activities by providing information on tasks assigned, tasks completed and tasks pending.

Information about the NABCO App

Pick your Ref number from the letter you downloaded from the NABCO PORTAL. There must be slight changes in the last numbers.

Use your current login password

Currently, you cannot log in if you are still on pending

CLOCK IN trainees are to clock in on the exact time they reported to work in the morning at the workplace. Always turn on your location for the APP to take the coordinates of the workplace. It is to check attendance and punctuality)

CLOCK OUT clock out at your workplace when you close.

Do it at your workplace so that the APP can take the coordinates to show that indeed, you have closed from that particular workplace.

NB: The clock in and out is important because it is a form of validation and supervision for the NABCO authorities to know who comes to work and who don’t.

If trainee absents himself/herself more than 5 days without any reason given to the district coordinator would be blocked out from NABCO and would be replaced by anyone from the waiting list.

Failure to clock in and out would attract a deduction of some percentage from your monthly non-taxable GHS 700 as stated in the NABCO Contract.

Do not try to clock in anywhere apart from where you work. NABCO is already having coordinates of every institution that would be housing NABCO TRAINEES.

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