Solution to NABCO Trainees who with “No Funds to be loaded” e-zwich

Quite a lot of people have reached out to us asking us about issues about their e-zwich cards. What we realised is that although some people have been paid their stipend, they still face the same issue.

Whenever you want to load your card to withdraw your money, and you receive “no funds to be loaded”, it could be an issue with the card itself and not NABCO.

What we have realised is that this usually happens to those with old e-zwich cards. However, it could also happen even if you only started using the card recently.


To solve the problem, you will need to reset your “emergency finger” that you registered the card with.

Just go to the bank (any branch) that issued your e-zwich card and request for them that you want to reset your emergency finger.

The tellers at the bank will attend to you and help you do the reset so you can receive your NABCO stipend/allowance.

Once that is done, you can now load both your NABCO November and December Stipend/Allowance.

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