Official NABCO Updates: Passing Out Ceremony, Registration and Cloths

For the Passing Out Ceremony; committees at local regional and district levels are required for operational purposes.

The cloth will come to the regions for distribution to selected trainees on our list. Not just those with letters: some letters lack authenticity.

The lists from the Google Drive should be used. Each trainee is entitled to 3 yards of the ceremonial cloth.


We expect this to be sown ready for the day, as the attire for the occasion.

Who will have to Attend the Passing Out Ceremony?

On attendance: NABCO trainees from Greater Accra, Central, Western, Volta, Eastern and Ashanti regions are expected in their full numbers.

The farther regions – Upper East, Upper West, Brong Ahafo and the Northern Region are expected to send in representatives from each district.

This effort should be coordinated by our team at the District and regional levels.

All Regional Coordinators will be expected to support the six southern regions with the planning and execution of the event.

What to bring to the Passing Out Ceremony

In all cases, NABCO trainees must bring with them – to be collated by their district and regional leaders – a white envelope containing their engagement letter.

Their name, NABCO code and District should be boldly written across the envelope.

The Regional Planning Teams are then to deposit these envelopes in the bins provided. This is how Registration will be conducted due to the numbers.

Please note that there are a few trainees still being registered at the districts.

All must, however, upload their confirmation of acceptance by the deadline – midnight October 10, 2018. A final list will be generated beyond this date.

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MIP Orientation & Training

Also, training by some module Implementation partners (MIP) commences this week into the week after the Passing Out Ceremony. Example GRA for Revenue Ghana.

Otherwise, all preparations lead to the ceremony on the 17th October; trainees must prepare themselves for the event.

It is strictly at the expense of NABCO trainees and not the secretariat. This is a key part of their engagement process and we expect compliance.

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