NO PAYMENT, NO WORK – NABCO trainees who resigned from their previous engagements still unpaid for November and December

Over 1,000 trainees of the Nations Builders Corps, NABCO have threatened to boycott work over government’s failure to pay them their November and December stipends after disengaging their previous engagements.

In an interview with some of these affected trainees, they stated how the government decided to forsake them at the Forestry (Youth in afforestation) and YEA (Planting for food and Job) by not paying them for months of hard work done. These frustrated youth were then compelled to disengage with these two initiatives to join NABCO whiles they had the opportunity to do so.

“We cannot continue in this hardship, we are also graduates and demand to be treated as such. We’ve heard on several TV and Radio stations that our main motive of joining NABCO was to take double salaries which is a lie and we think it’s an attempt by the government to deceive people and also cover up the truth about Forestry and YEA”, the source said.


Some of them started work early November and till now, there hasn’t been a single payment. Our Coordinators aren’t able to answer our questions and so we are demanding answers from the highest officialS of NABCO.

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