NABCO Trainees to Receive First Stipend from December 3rd 2018

The latest NABCO news update is about stipends and how they will be paid. Find below the full text of the communication:

Greetings Nation Builders. I hope this reaches you well.

We understand your plights and we really do appreciate your efforts, time and most importantly the patience you’ve dedicated for the Nabco programme.

Team Nabco says AYEKOOOO.


Kindly take note off the following:

Your e-zwich codes and numbers are being processed in a secured data for verification and authentication.

We hope to complete the first set of payments within December 03 – 15 2018

Payments will be made to synchronise strictly with the Nabco Clock – In Database and system. As well as trainee reports.

Subsequent stipends for the remaining trainees will also be sorted out thereafter in due time. Thank you all for your corporation. is still trying to reach NABCO to ascertain the authenticity of the message.

However, given the timelines in the message, it appears that the stipends or at least one month of the stipend will be paid this year.

Hopefully, it is enough for NABCO trainees to enjoy Christmas.

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