Breaking: NABCO Starts paying March Stipends for Trainees in Savannah and Upper East Regions

NABCO has started paying March 2019 Stipends for Trainees in the Savannah and Upper East regions according to an unverified source close to the situation.

The reports show that those in the two regions above have started receiving the usual messages from NABCO.

Trainees had earlier planned to go on a demonstration to demand a payment in their stipends as wel as enforce a “regular payment structure” for NABCO Trainees.


It was later revealed that even NABCO coordinators have not been paid for a long time. They even wanted to go on a strike to.

In the meantime, there seem to be a division in NABCO where there are two NABCO associations with seemingly very opposing views on how the unpaid stipend should be handled.

Keep in mind that is still waiting for screenshots from trainees in those areas to completely verify the claim so take this message with a pinch of salt..

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