NABCO Recruits cry over 4 months Unpaid Stipends

A group of Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) recruits are protesting the delay in payment of their allowances.

The group who earlier massed up at the NABCo secretariat are meeting with officials to resolve the challenges with regards to the payment of their allowances.

Some of the NABCO recruits who spoke to Citi News expressed the frustration at the delay in the payment of the allowances despite meeting all the validation requirements.


“Until they pay us, we are not leaving the NABCo premises. When you go there, they tell you the money will come meanwhile they are paying our colleagues. The most painful aspect of it is that those who are at home and have not received placement yet, they have been paid but those of us who are on the field and actually working have not been paid,” one of the recruits said.

Another one also said he had evidence that he had met all the requirements for payment but is yet to receive his allowance for the previous month.

“Evidence is here that I have updated my information. They sent me a text message to confirm that I have updated my information and so I should expect payment. I have the signatures of the coordinators but [the payment] is yet to come.”

In January 2019, some NABCo recruits complained that they had not received their allowances since the program begun.

The Minister for Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah said the delay in the payment was due to inaccurate data on the payroll.

He said the affected persons must update their information before they can receive payment.

“NABCO secretariat sent messages to beneficiaries to correct their data for it to be rekeyed into the system. The Secretariat informs us that 9,235 of them have now corrected their data and thus will be paid this week. Their December and regular stipends are also programmed to be paid immediately afterwards,” he said.

He said some of them had been forcefully removed from the program because they had been found to have enrolled unto other government programs.

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