NABCO Pending Applicants are now “completed”; Check now

Pending, No Show, Heal Ghana, and Feed Ghana Modules and the rest with issues have good news now. You can now log in to check your status.

The network is too busy so those still on pending should keep on checking in every 10 to 15 minutes.

NABCO is still working on the system and that’s why you see messages like  “Placement Acceptance is now closed”.


According to sources, those messages are for the first batch applicants and the system will soon be updated for the new batch applicants.

Also, due to a lot of checks, the NABCO site seems to be crashing. Hopefully, the site will be back up to serve all nation builders.

What if I still have Pending?

Pending means that NABCO is still working on your application. You have to patiently wait and check after an hour or two and you may see the option to print your letter.

Is the NABCO Website Down?

As expected, a lot of people are checking on Therefore if you open the site and you see something like 502 Gateway, it is because there are a lot of people checking.

However,  you should relax and exercise patience and continue to check the site from time to time.

Facing Problems?

If you face any problems, you can Submit a support ticket to NABCO

You can also call any of the regional lines

Ashanti – 0208226216

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Western – 0248153101

Upper East – 0242566795

Greater Accra – 0208052652

Brong Ahafo – 0206367573

Central – 0244108059

Upper West – 0244987331

Northern – 0244019437

Eastern – 0243204125

Volta Region – 0242668325Or

Email: [email protected] (stating District/Region/Organisation in the Subject Line)

How to Print your NABCO Engagement/Acceptance Letter

When you visit the NABCO Portal, after the second bath side has been updated, you will see the option to print.

Click on the print sign and you will be able to print your letter.

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