Dear NABCO: Do you care about Applicants? Are we starting next year?

I was really happy when the President said in May that we will start work in August.

Then, later at the end of May, you brought us new timelines, which meant that we won’t start work in August. I have attached a snapshot from the NABCO website.


As it stands now, you have failed us on all of those timelines. But as unemployed as we are, we continue to trust the system.

On August 19, you told us that today, the 23rd of August, 2018, we would be receiving messages that would give us notice of our application status.

Well, you’ve successfully dodged us several times. Now we don’t even know when we will have this passing out thing and orientation.

The way things are going, it is now very easy for one to believe the rumour mill that this NABCO this is going for some people in some party with some protocol. However that may sound, I choose not to believe it in the past.

Needless to say that late on the evening of 23rd August 2018, some people began receiving text messages that later led to them printing their forms and filling and whatever else.

Latest NABCO Issues; We want answers

Now the big issue is with those of us who NABCO claim we are on a waiting list.

Awaiting list? Well, we’ve been waiting for weeks and nothing seems to be happening.

Some of us attended interviews and still have pending, NABCO told us to fill a Google sheet, and up till now, the issue has not been fixed for a majority of us.

And then to my friends who are in the Heal Ghana module. NABCO does not say anything about it; and because of this, a lot of them are unsure as to what to do.

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So here is a suggestion: Why not continue with pre-deployment and training for some modules first and then continue with the others when they are ready?

NABCO does not seem to disseminate information quickly and readily enough.

Check Facebook: They don’t reply to anyone.

Website: Never updated, but all they say is “keep checking”. Keep checking for what exactly?

The inability of NABCO to keep us updated as to what they are doing has led to a thick rumour mill surrounding the whole programme.

Let me share a few rumours I have heard

  1. There is no money so NABCO is intentionally delaying to pay people next year.
  2. NABCO wants to fix a lot of “Party People”.
  3. Some people are delaying the process so that they can “chop more money” from the process.

Whatever the case may be, NABCO has disappointed a majority of people. But there is still a chance to repair the damage. Give us daily updates and stop contradicting your timelines.

Answer the big question: When are NABCO Applicants starting?

We want to know when things are going to happen!

Long live Ghana, Long Live NABCO!

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