NABCO Coordinators planning to “sack” Trainees who go for Demo

In the latest NABCO News for today and according to reposts by Some outspoken recruits of NABCO say they have received threatening messages of dismissal from their coordinators for mobilising aggrieved members to stage a demonstration for non-payment.

Though the PRO of the Nation’s Builders Corps (NABCO) has held that over 9,000 of the recruits had been paid their up-to-date stipends, most of the personnel said it was false.

As part of the government’s efforts to solve the high rate of unemployment among graduates, it rolled out NABCO, which was officially outdoored in October 2018.


About 100,000 personnel have been attached to various government institutions nationwide and after happily receiving their first stipend of GHc700, the rest of the payments have been in arrears.

Several attempts by the personnel to get their employers to pay them their monies had been unsuccessful and for their resort, the unpaid personnel have scheduled Friday, April 12, 2019, to hold a protest march on the principal streets of Accra.

But this, Abubakr Sadique, Greater Accra NABCO Recruits President, said, had received counter comments by the coordinators who have threatened to sack the members who would partake in the demonstration.

According to him, the coordinators said NABCO is voluntary work, therefore, should personnel find anything worrisome, they could opt out or the system opted them out.

Sadique, however, said the leadership is not perturbed by such “irresponsible” threatening messages unless somebody feels unhappy that our demonstration will expose their rot.

“If our stipends are resting in the accounts of some coordinators and so their threatening messages to cow us, then, it is a lie. We will hit the streets on Friday,” he said.

The demonstration would be nationwide, but he said those who would be unable to come to Accra for the main march, would hold a similar protest in their various regions.

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