NABCO may take more than 100,000; Posting Messages to be sent from 13 August

According to preliminary reports, here are the latest updates for NABCO:

-From August 13, NABCO will initiate notifications for all interviewed applicants to check online for their status: Successful or Waiting List.

-The rest of August to the ending of September is pre-deployment training, jointly conducted by NABCO and MIPs.


-Placement officially within organizations commences on Monday, October 1, 2018.

-This is because training for all the modules are expected to be actively engaged at the end of September

-The module may extend its deployment capacity from 100,000 from the data gathered from excess interviewees since the objective is to create mass employment for graduates

Timeline for NABCO (After Interview Phase)

1st August 2018 – 3rd August 2018: Supplementary Interview for those who missed

13th August – Succesful Applicants will receive notifications

14 August 2018 – 28 September 2018: Pre-deployment training for all modules

1 October 2018 – Start Working

Schedule for the Pre-Deployment Traning for All Modules in NABCO

Module Training Period
Revenue Ghana Training
14 August 2018 – 18 August 2018
Digitize Ghana Training
20 August 2018 – 24 August 2018
Feed Ghana Training
22 August 2018 – 1 September 2018
Civic Ghana Training
3 September 2018 – 7 September 2018
Educate Ghana Training
17 September 2018 – 21 September 2018
Educate Ghana Training
24 September 2018 – 28th September 2018

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