NABCO: You can check your status at district whether Pending or No Show

For all those who are facing problems with their NABCO applications, there may be good news available finally.

The Good News

According to a circulation on WhatsApp, their names may have been forwarded to the district level and it would be a good step for them to go and check.

Whether your pending, no show etc, Kindly go and check because the website failed NABCO. But the main list have been forward to the districts and its include all those who are selected for this program.


If you know anyone at your preferred district, you can ask the person to check for you. It will be wise not to crowd the district offices.

Best Wishes to all prospective Nation Builders

If you have any questions, ask in the comments section below.

Second Batch Placement

If you didn’t receive an SMS notification or your application status was “pending” earlier,  you will receive a notification about your application. You may also check NABCO’s online portal to view your status.

You are NOT to submit the signed copy to the district offices or any other office.

NABCO Orientation and Training

The whole NABCO orientation will start after all successful applicants have been notified. Orientation and training will start on 27th September 2018. Training will take place in your district.

Successful applicants will receive SMS notification to start the pre-deployment training.

NABCO Official Start Date

Trained applicants will officially begin work on 1st October 2018.

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Second Batch Update

Currently, NABCO is still verifying documents for all applicants to Feed Ghana and Heal Ghana modules. Some other applicants’ documents are also being verified. Therefore their verification status will read “pending”.

Note: From September 11, 2018, you will be notified to proceed to complete the selection process.

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