List of Football Academies in Ghana

Football academies are meant to nurture and groom talented young men and women to become professional footballers. At these academies, they are taught many things, including teamwork and grand player tactics, that can help them meet the requirements of prominent football clubs in and outside Ghana.

If you are looking for a football academy to join to make your dream of becoming a professional footballer come true, below is a list for you to choose from.

These are the many football academies founded by retired footballers, coaches, clubs, and well-meaning individuals and organizations to help you achieve your dreams.


Take a look at the list of football academies in Ghana below;

  1. East Legon Football Academy – 054 750 7469
  2. Legon Hills Sports Academy – 024 861 2622
  3. Royal Awudu Issaka Soccer Academy – 024 322 4920
  4. Right to Dream Academy – 020 222 0286/ 024 404 6721
  5. GreenGen Football Academy – 054 544 0848
  6. John Painstil Football Academy – [email protected]
  7. Dreams Football Club Academy – 054 788 9084
  8. Emmanuel City Football Academy – 055 217 8445
  9. Unistar Soccer Academy – 024 470 2854
  10. Mighty Fortress Football Academy – 024 941 6834
  11. Jancole Football Academy – 024 463 0257
  12. Desire Football Academy – 054 868 5596
  13. Pro Players Football Academy – 055 559 1167
  14. Gold Coast Football Academy –
  15. Phoenix Academy – [email protected]
  16. Attram DeVisser Soccer Academy –
  17. Academy Eleven Sports Club – [email protected]
  18. Storm Soccer Academy – 024 211 5199
  19. West African Football Academy
  20. Road Up Football Academy
  21. Yingor Football Academy
  22. Cedar Stars Football Academy

What Makes a Good Football Academy

The football academies we listed above are legitimate. What makes them so? And why should you trust them to help you build your career as a professional footballer? A few things can help you identify a good football academy. Below are a few of such things you should look out for when choosing the one you wish to join;

  • Facilities

Does the Academy have the facilities that are needed to train and teach? What about a place to house the players in case they live far from the Academy? Does the Academy have facilities for theoretical teaching and practical training? It would help if you asked these questions when choosing a football academy.

  • Professional Trainers

You are literally going to an academy to learn how to become a professional footballer. This means you will need the best trainers, coaches, and teachers possible, does the Academy you want to choose have these? A good football academy has trainers that have the know-how, are patient, and are futuristic.

  • Reputation

The reputation of the Academy you choose proceeds them. How long have they been in the recruiting business? How many professional or close-to-professional players have they produced so far? And what good or bad things have you heard about the Academy that would motivate you to sign up to train with them?

  • Affiliation

A good football academy is affiliated with another academy, football club, or football organization in or outside Ghana. This gives a better chance for trainee players to be able to get scouted or called for trials as long as they are talented. The affiliations will also prove the academies legitimacy.

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  • Registration and Endorsement

Agents should register legitimate football academies under the new Ghana Football Association. A green card gives them the go-ahead to recruit talented young persons to nurture and grow their talent. You can join an academy that’s not registered or endorsed at your own risk.

How to Join a Football Academy

Joining a football academy is easy when you’re talented. All you need to do is enter a grassroots team. In other words, one of those small teams in your vicinity. Show up and play regularly, and you might get scouted to join an academy.

Believe it or not, scouts are hiding in plain sight at all grassroots games, and they see you. They see your skills and talent. It will just be a matter of time until you’re asked to join an Academy.

You can also join by calling any of the numbers corresponding you the Academy you like or sending an email asking to sign up or register to join the Academy.

With this one, you may need to pay some money to be admitted. Many parents and guardians do this for their skillful children. You can ask your guardian to help you sign up as well.


Joining an academy is the best thing you can do for yourself if you plan to become a professional footballer one day.

There are many things you will be taught here that will help you in the near future, things that will prepare you to be recruited into professional clubs. Even if you have to pay to join an academy, do so as long as you know that you have a talent that needs nurturing.

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