How to Join a Football Academy in Ghana

Are you looking to join a football academy to develop your skills and become a professional sportsperson in Ghana and beyond?

Or perhaps you just want some information about football academies in Ghana before you make your first move? The Asetena team did some digging so that you will not have to.

We have relevant information about what it takes to join a football academy in Ghana, how to join the academy, and some tips to help you.


A football academy, as we know, is a facility that has been equipped to help develop young talented footballers.

At the academy, potential professional footballers are trained to meet clubs’ specific standards by developing their techniques, strategic tactics, and unique training methods for outfield and goalkeepers, among other things.

Joining the Academy

Before joining the academy, you must have been a part of a recreational or grassroots football. The former is football played between friends in school.

The latter is organized by parents or football enthusiasts to bring together players with varying special skills.

It is through grass-root football that many people get scouted to join academies.

In Ghana, you can join a football academy when you are scouted. Someone can see how well you play on the field and would want to scout you. It happens all the time.

It all depends on how good you play, your consistency, and your passion for the game.

To be scouted, all your manager will need is consent from your family. Sometimes they may provide food and housing as well.

All you need to do is put yourself out there and be seen by someone who has the right connections to take you places.

Social media presence is beneficial as well. The person who would help you does not need to see you play physically.

Your skills can be visible in a viral video, and who knows? An international academy can even scout you.

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Another way to join an academy in Ghana is to contact the academy yourself.Sometimes you will have to pay some amount of money to be accepted. With the prominent football academies, you will need to have extensive connections since everything in Ghana has corruption.

Sometimes your talent will work for you, and other times it wouldn’t. However, it doesn’tdoesn’t hurt to try your luck. There are many football academies in Ghana, and you can join any of them by contacting them and applying.

Sometimes, coaches of grass root football teams can help their boys get into good football academies.

That is why young footballers are advised to respect their coaches no matter who they may be, and you never know what type of connections they may have.

Physical education teachers in senior high school usually have football teams for students. They train these young men and have them play against teams in other schools. If football is your passion, it is essential to take playing at this stage very seriously.

The teachers can recommend you when the need arise.
In Ghana, you can either get scouted for training by football academies, get into academies through the proper academies, or enroll.

What Happens in the Football Academies in Ghana?

Even at the age of ten, you can join the academy, and you will be taken through training to help you master your craft.

There are a few things that management looks out for before accepting you into the academy. First of all, they look for talent and passion.

Things like football are not theory-based, it requires action and talent. Management needs to see that you have some skills that they can help you develop, and you are there to grow, not learn from scratch.

Apart from that, they need to see that you are fit and have explosive speed. You cannot be lazy and be in an academy, much more become a professional footballer.

You need to eat well, stay fit, go for training when you are supposed to, and be quick on your feet. You also need to be a very competitive person, considering you are training to play games.

Academy management loves a tactical aware person. Someone who knows where he is on the field and where to run, among other things.


Joining a football academy in Ghana shouldn’t be difficult if you are a talented player.

Having the right connections is also a plus. Respect and good behavior are crucial to winning the heart of the people around you, and you need them to go far.

You aim to become a professional footballer, playing for a team you love and a team that pays you well. Keep that in mind when you join the academy.

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